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A Thousand Steps
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Sunday, August 22, 2021

Murder with Orange Pekoe Tea- by Karen Rose Smith - Feature and Review


In Pennsylvania's Amish country, Daisy Swanson is serving hot tea at a fundraiser for a homeless shelter--but tempers are getting heated too...
Daisy's orange pekoe is flowing at a fundraiser--and she's also made a new friend, Piper, a young woman whose hopes for motherhood were dashed by a foul-up at a fertility clinic. But before they can settle into a long conversation, the event is disupted by masked protestors who object to building a shelter in Willow Creek. Among the angry crowd is Eli--who left his Amish community some time ago, with help from a lawyer named Hiram.

It just so happens that Hiram is also representing the fertility clinic in a class-action suit--and soon afterward, he turns up dead, felled by an insulin injection. Daisy can't help but get drawn in, especially since Piper's husband had been pretty steamed at the victim and didn't hide it. She'd love to spend some time with the dog she and her boyfriend have just adopted--but first she 'll be straining to find a killer...


Murder with Orange Pekoe Tea (A Daisy's Tea Garden Mystery #7)Murder with Orange Pekoe Tea by Karen Rose Smith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Murder with Orange Pekoe Tea by Karen Rose Smith is a 2021 Kensington publication.

While providing refreshments for a Willow Creek homeless shelter fundraiser, Daisy learns of a fertility clinic disaster, which dashed the hopes a young couple hoping depending on it to start a family.

Before she can learn more, masked protesters, who oppose opening the shelter arrive on the scene. One of those involved is Eli, a young man who left his Amish community, with some advice from Hiram, his attorney.

It comes to light that Hiram also represents the fertility clinic in question. When Hiram is found dead, Eli becomes a suspect, as do those hurt by the fertility clinic. Despite Daisy’s reluctance to get involved, she is slowly drawn into the investigation.

Meanwhile, Daisy’s family life is as busy as ever, but at a most satisfying stage- as her relationships seem to have stabilized a little- giving her more time to help others, and apply her detecting skills.

This is one of my favorite cozy mystery series. It is always nice to drop in and see what my old friends have up to, and see how everyone is doing. Often times, I would get more caught up in the family saga than in the mystery, but in this installment the mystery was more front and center- and what a mystery it was!!

Briskly paced, fraught with emotion and tension, the dual threads of Eli, and the fertility clinic, kept me engaged and on my toes at the same time.

I enjoyed how the Amish was prominently featured in the story, and as always, the wonderful teas and food. Once more, my affection for the characters have deepened, which is one of the main draws to this series.

I think the mysteries are becoming more complex as the series progresses, and are as deeply compelling as the lives of the recurring characters.

This is another stellar chapter in this beloved series! Can’t wait for the next one!




Award-winning author Karen Rose Smith was born in Pennsylvania. Although she was an only child, she remembers the bonds of an extended family. Family is a strong theme in her books and she suspects her childhood memories are the reason.

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