A Thousand Steps

A Thousand Steps
A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

Monday, October 21, 2019

The Awakening of MIss Henley by Julia Justiss- Feature and Review

After five seasons…

She was still on the shelf!

Part of The Cinderella Spinsters. Miss Emma Henley knows she’s neither pretty nor rich enough to land a husband. Instead she’s thrown her passion into good causes. But this season she’s tempted by a flirtation with Lord Theo. The dashing rake is just as determined to stay unwed as she is. It’s scandalousbut if she’s never to marry, perhaps he can show her the pleasures of the marriage bed!

The Cinderella Spinsters miniseries
Book 1 – The Awakening of Miss Henley
Book 2 – coming soon!

"The strongly-written heroine and excellent hero – and their very genuine feelings for one another – buoy The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife to a high recommendation." — All About Romance on The Earl's Inconvenient Wife

"A lovely and tender friends to lovers story." — Goodreads on The Earl's Inconvenient Wife



The Awakening of Miss HenleyThe Awakening of Miss Henley by Julia Justiss
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Awakening of Miss Henley by Julia Justiss is a 2019 Harlequin Historical publication.


Emma had resigned herself to spinsterhood- quite deliberately. She plans to sabotage her fifth and final ‘season’ so that she may find a place of her own and proceed to do the work she feels passionate about. There is only one hitch in her plans- Lord Theo.

Theo is a notorious rake under pressure to finally settle down. He plans to skirt matrimony for as long a humanly possible. But he never toys with virginal young ladies- yet Miss Emma Henley is a temptation he’s finding hard to resist.

As the couple continues to engage in witty verbal exchanges, they slowly relax into friendship territory. But the chemistry between them in undeniable. Because neither party is willing to marry, Emma believes there is no harm in enjoying a dalliance with Theo. She doesn’t have much to lose and is sure she can survive a scandal. But how will Theo react if he knew her true feelings for him?

I loved Emma and Theo’s story! The banter between the couple is wildly entertaining and I loved the way Emma kept catching Theo off guard. The relationships develop perfectly, and it was a joy to see love blossom between two people who thought true love wasn't in the cards for them. Each gave the other a piece of themselves that had been missing, a desire they had buried, and completed one another perfectly.

This a such a wonderful love story. It’s mature, but sexy, smart, emotional, with well-drawn characters, and I truly enjoyed the artistic backdrop. The beautiful happily ever after for a well deserving couple, is the cherry on top

I enjoyed every single minute of it!!





Julia inhabits an English Georgian-style house she and her husband built in the East Texas countryside where, if she closes her eyes and ignores the summer thermometer, she can almost imagine she inhabits the landscape of "Pride and Prejudice." In between travelling to visit her three children (a naval officer son stationed in Washington, DC, a textiles and design major daughter who cheers for University of Texas at Austin, and a mechanical engineering major son also at UT Austin) keeping up with her science teacher husband and juggling a part-time day job as a high school French teacher, she pursues her first and dearest love--crafting stories.

To relax, she enjoys watching movies, reading (historical fiction, mystery, suspense) and puttering about in the garden trying to kill off more weeds than flowers.

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