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A Thousand Steps
A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

Monday, September 16, 2019

Quest of Dreams by Debra Dier- Feature and Review


To Devlin McCain she was a fool chasing moonbeams, a spoiled rich girl who fancied herself an archaeologist and believed her money could buy anything. But beneath her spinsterish fa├žade burned a blistering sensuality he was powerless to resist, and he would journey through hell to claim her.

To Kate Whitmore, he was an overbearing brute who treated women like chattel, an unscrupulous scoundrel who valued gold above all else. Yet try as she might, she couldn’t deny the irresistible allure of this dangerous man.

Hard-edged realist and passionate idealist, Devlin and Kate plunged into the Brazilian jungle, searching for the answer to an ancient mystery. Yet someone else sought that mystery, someone determined to possess it at any cost.



A Quest of Dreams (Destiny Devices, #1)A Quest of Dreams by Debra Dier
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Quest of Dreams by Debra Dier is a 2019 publication. (Originally published in 1994)

High Adventure, Steamy Romance!

Kate Whitmore and her father are in search of the lost city of Atlantis. To help them navigate the dangerous Brazilian jungle, Kate attempts to hire Devlin McCain, who is highly skeptical about their quest. Still, the possible reward is hard to pass up. However, he is very unhappy that Kate is traveling into danger with her father. Kate, on the other hand, has centered her entire life around her work, and is determined to prove her mettle.

The journey will be a long one, filled with physical dangers, and more than a little intrigue, but Kate’s heart is also in jeopardy as she fights off her unexpected and undeniable attraction to the mulish Devlin McCain.

But, with others on the trail of the lost city and the promised treasures hidden there, Devlin and Kate will have to work together to see their dreams realized, whether they like or trust one another or not!

This is one of those books that takes me back to a time when historical romance was imaginative and creative and not always stuck in Regency England. (Plus, maybe we weren't so hung up on extreme realism, either.) This book has a bit of everything in it. Suspense, adventure, action, intrigue, mystery, paranormal elements and of course, a sizzling romance. The cast was a little larger than I’m comfortable with, but I was able to follow along with only a minor amount of confusion.

The story moves fast and there is a lot going on, but the unusual plot challenged me and kept me fully engaged.

I’d squeeze more historical romance novels into my reading schedule if they had this much imagination.

*Note: Full disclosure: This book was written back in 1994. The author has reissued this book and a handful of her other books in digital format, and updated the cover art. I was delighted to discover I had three of Debra’s older paperbacks in my paperback collection and they are in near mint condition. How fun!!

On occasion one could tell this book was not written recently, but overall this story stands the test of time. In fact, Kate's character and the attitude of her father fits right in with today's modern messages of empowered women and the men who support their efforts. So maybe the author was a little ahead of her time. If you enjoy historical romance, I hope you will give this author a try.




Debra Dier is the bestselling author of sixteen critically acclaimed romance novels and short stories. Her work has earned her a place in the Writer's Hall of Fame.

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