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A Thousand Steps
A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Proof of Life- by J. A. Jance- Feature and Review

                                                              ABOUT THE BOOK:

Be careful what you wish for . . . 

Before he retired, J. P. Beaumont had looked forward to having his days all to himself. But too much free time doesn’t suit a man used to brushing close to danger. When his longtime nemesis, retired Seattle crime reporter Maxwell Cole, dies in what’s officially deemed to be an accidental fire, Beau is astonished to be dragged into the investigation at the request of none other than the deceased victim himself. In the process Beau learns that just because a long ago case was solved doesn’t mean it’s over.

Caught up in a situation where old actions and grudges can hold dangerous consequences in the present, Beau is forced to operate outside the familiar world of law enforcement. While seeking justice for his frenemy and healing for a long fractured family, he comes face to face with an implacable enemy who has spent decades hiding in plain sight.



Proof of Life (J.P. Beaumont, #23)Proof of Life by J.A. Jance
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Proof of Life by J.A. Jance is a 2017 William Morrow publication.
I’ve touched base with Joanna Brady and Ali Reynolds recently, but not J.P. Beaumont- my favorite J.A Jance series- in a long while.

So, what has Beau been up to lately?

Of course, at his age, he is retired, he’s still happily married, living in Seattle, but he’s bored and mildly depressed. Meanwhile, his very busy wife is caught up in the politics surrounding an officer involved shooting during a domestic violence call. The family at the center of the case is taken to a safe place, but their dog is left without a place to go.

So, much to his surprise, Beaumont becomes a first- time dog owner, at least temporarily. This should lift his spirits and give him something to occupy his time, but when he runs into an old nemesis, who later turns up dead after his house catches on fire, Beaumont gets sucked into the investigation when the death becomes a suspicious one.

Suddenly, Beaumont is back in his element, his depression all but forgotten…

Beaumont is quite a character, but in this 23rd chapter in the series, he is sublime. Be aware that Beau is very much a product of his time. Not everything he says lines up with our current politically correct guidelines. He still thinks men should do all the yard work, for example, and doesn’t understand why a teacher wouldn’t want a police officer to bring a gun into her elementary school classroom while he speaks to her students. But, mostly he’s a sweet guy who has mellowed nicely in his twilight years.

His interactions with his newly acquired dog are priceless and his tender approach to a delicate family situation gave me the warm and fuzzies- not something I thought I’d ever say about J. P. Beaumont.

But, of course, the reason we tune in is to solve a mystery and this one is a doozy. An old murder case connected to the death of Beaumont’s old acquaintance is woven into the current investigation, which is complex, but compelling. It was a real guessing game right to the end, and I never could have figured out how things would turn out.

I am very satisfied with this latest chapter in the series and am happy to see our favorite detective back in the saddle again!!






Seattle investigator J. P. Beaumont is drawn into an intriguing, and shockingly personal, case in this superb tale of suspense from New York Times bestselling author J. A. Jance.

Former Seattle homicide cop, J. P. Beaumont, is learning to enjoy the new realities of retirementdoing morning crossword puzzles by a roaring fireplace; playing frisbee with his new dog; having quiet lunches with his still working wife.But then his pastcomes calling.

When a long ago acquaintance, Alan Dale, shows up on Beaus doorstep with a newborn infant in hand and asking for help locating his missing daughter, Beau finds himself faced with an investigation that will turn his own life upside down by dragging hisnone-too-stellar past onto a roller-coaster ride that may well derail his serene present.It turns out that, even in retirement. murder is still the name of J. P. Beaumonts game.




J.A. Jance is the top 10 New York Times bestselling author of the Joanna Brady series; the J. P. Beaumont series; three interrelated thrillers featuring the Walker family; and Edge of Evil, the first in a series featuring Ali Reynolds. Born in South Dakota and brought up in Bisbee, Arizona, Jance lives with her husband in Seattle, Washington, and Tucson, Arizona.

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