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A Thousand Steps
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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Barefoot in the Dark by Suzanne Enoch- Feature and Review


From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Suzanne Enoch, a new romantic crime thriller featuring fan-favorites Samantha Jellicoe and Rick Addison… 

A simple pre-wedding getaway for a “reformed” cat burglar and her wealthy British fiancĂ© – what could go wrong? Except for his contentious family, a crumbling Scottish castle, a legendary treasure, and a possible haunting, that is. 

Samantha Jellicoe, jewel thief extraordinaire, is still adjusting to being engaged to Richard Addison, billionaire entrepreneur and very hot British lord. Complicating that is the entire press corps hounding her for an interview – bad news for a mostly retired cat burglar intent on keeping her private life private. 

She is ecstatic when Rick suggests they escape to his castle in Scotland; she’s less so when the old pile turns out to be dilapidated, full of Rick’s resentful relatives, and (possibly) haunted. While he navigates the consequences of ignoring his family for the past fifteen years, Sam uncovers a legend of buried treasure – and realizes she isn’t the only one searching for the famous highwayman’s loot. 

While Sam is an expert at blending into the very different worlds of patrons and thieves, meeting people important to Rick is way more complicated. Combined with iffy phones, unreliable lights and power, a clandestine treasure hunt, a wannabe reality-star girlfriend, and a rumored “restless spirit,” this vacation in the Scottish Highlands might be more than a self-respecting former thief can handle.



Barefoot in the Dark (Samantha Jellico #6)Barefoot in the Dark by Suzanne Enoch
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Barefoot in the Dark by Suzanne Enoch is a 2018 NYLA publication.

This light romantic caper is delightfully fun and smart!

“Former’ cat burglar, Samantha Jellicoe is now engaged to billionaire entrepreneur, Richard Addison. Trying to keep Samantha out of trouble and out of the spotlight, Richard spirits her away to a crumbling Scottish estate where he plans to introduce her to a few of his relatives. However, Richard is never able to completely tame Samantha, and sure enough, before long she’s pilfering through the attic looking for something of value, while doing a bit of ghost hunting.

This alone is enough to make Richard’s anxiety levels rise, but Richard’s cousin is very serious about locating a booty of treasure. The treasure map is believed to be hidden in the castle. This situation causes a deep family rift, but also raises Samantha’s antennae.

Searching for the long- lost map leading to the treasure is just the type of challenge Samantha loves. She's enjoying it all the more because Richard seems to know more about this treasure than he’s telling, and appears quite determined to keep the treasure hidden. Hilarity, clever banter, and adventure ensues as Samantha outwits Richard, his relatives, and charms everyone on the estate despite their skepticism.

I have always known Suzanne Enoch as a prolific Historical Romance author. I’ve read her books off and on for many years. Well, apparently, somewhere in the early to mid- 2000s, Enoch published a handful of contemporary novels centered around Samantha Jellicoe. I had never heard of this series before now.

If have my information straight, there was a ten -year gap between the last Sam Jellicoe installment and the release of this book. It is somewhat confusing as this book is listed as ‘Samantha Jellicoe #6', but is also listed as the first book in the 'Samantha and Rick' series.

So, to be clear, Samantha and Richard have a back story that sounds interesting, and it would be great fun to locate some of the previous installments in the Samantha Jellico series for kicks and giggles, but this book works just fine as a stand-alone.

When I finally queued this book up on my Kindle, I realized it has been languishing in my ‘Currently reading’ folder for an entire year!! No, it didn’t take me a full year to read this delightful romantic mystery.

My intentions were good, but the book kept slipping down the list, despite my best efforts. I do wish I’d gotten to it sooner, but as they say better late than never.

I’m thrilled to have stumbled across this contemporary series by Susanne Enoch and will be looking for more installments in this series. If you like treasure hunts, ghost hunts, old Scottish castles, family drama and quick -witted dialogue, this fast -paced adventure will keep you entertained and rapidly turning pages. As much as I adored Samantha and her biting sarcasm, I think I may have developed a huge crush on Richard!!

Clever, light and oh so fun!!






A native and current resident of Southern California, Suzanne lives with a green parakeet named Kermit, some very chirpy finches, and a small army of Star Wars figures (including a life-size Yoda). Her books regularly appear on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists, and when she's not busily working on her next book or staging fights with action figures, she likes to read, play video games, and go to the movies with her large and supportive village.

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