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A Thousand Steps
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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Her Favorite Maverick by Christine Rimmer - Feature and Review


A single mom, her baby girl…

And maverick make three!

Logan Crawford might just be the perfect man. From the top of his Stetson to his pointy-toed boots, he is 100 percent cowboy. A girl would have to be a fool to turn him down. Or a coward.

Sarah Turner thinks she might be both. But the single mom has no time for love and no inclination to be the sexy rancher’s “just for now.” Logan, however, is determined to steal her heart!



Her Favorite MaverickHer Favorite Maverick by Christine Rimmer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Her Favorite Maverick by Christine Rimmer is a 2019 Harlequin Special Edition publication.

As the story opens, Liv and Caroline- wedding planners in Rust Creek Falls, Montana- are experiencing a few financial woes. They’ve asked their friend and accountant, Sarah Turner, to have a look at their books.

Just as Sarah is about to deliver the bad news about the state of the ladies’ bank account, Max Crawford all but barges in, announcing he wants Viv and Caroline to find brides for his six sons- and he’s willing to pay them a million dollars for their trouble. While the ladies are flabbergasted by Max’s proposal, their reaction is mild compared to Logan Crawford’s when he overhears his father’s plans.

But, then Logan locks eyes with Sarah, and an instant spark passes between them. However, Sarah is sure that Logan’s interest will cool off immediately once he learns she is a single mom. But, after only a moment of hesitation to digest that bit of news, he never slows down his pursuit.

Sarah is finally making peace with the way her life turned out. Her big city plans fell through, and after two failed relationships, she returned to her hometown, to raise her daughter- alone. She’s sworn off men and dating, probably for good, thank you very much. But the edges of her hard -earned stability are beginning to fray.

Her quiet and stoic parents are acting like hormonal teenagers, and Logan, who has a history of short-term relationships, is determined to worm his way into her heart, breaking down all her defenses. To further complicate matters, Max, who should be over the moon about Logan’s attraction to Sarah, is trying to interfere in the budding romance, but not in a good way.
Can Logan convince Sarah to take a chance on love or will her fears overrule her heart?

This is the first book is a six -part arc in the Montana Mavericks series. I love the ‘six brides for six brothers’ theme, too! This first installment has set the stage for what promises to be a fabulous mini-series.

The main theme in this story is one of trust and overcoming one’s fears. If Logan wasn’t already a super sexy cowboy, his interactions with Sarah’s daughter make him doubly so. His character growth is almost organic. His heart and mind sync up at the same time. He knew Sarah was ‘the one’ because the prospect of spending his life with her makes him feel happy, not scared, like it would have earlier in his life.

Our Sarah, on the other hand, needs to do a little work on herself, first. Although, Logan wasn’t afraid, Sarah had enough fear in her heart for the both of them. Sarah’s ‘ A lonely heart is better than a broken heart’ attitude may cause her to miss out on the great love of her life. But she will have to find the inner strength to fight her fears so she can finally have her much deserved HEA!! Can she do it? Will she do it?

Rounding out the emotional depth in the story is the relationship between Sarah and her parents. The situation explains a lot about why Sarah is the way she is. It’s a sad story, but one with a happy ending.


What is Max’s problem anyway?

If you love contemporary romance featuring complex relationships, cute kitties, adorable kids, and hot cowboys, you will want to get in on the ground floor of this serial subset. If this first installment is any indication, it’s going to be a good one!!





A New York Times and USA-Today bestselling author, Christine Rimmer has written more than 100 contemporary romances for Harlequin Books. A reader favorite, Christine has won Romantic Times BOOKreview's Reviewer's Choice Award for best Silhouette Special Edition. She has been nominated seven times for the Romance Writers of America's prestigious RITA award and five times for Romantic Times Series Storyteller of the Year. Christine lives in Oregon with her family.

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