A Thousand Steps

A Thousand Steps
A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Things My Son Needs to Know About the World by Fredrik Backman


The #1 New York Times bestselling author of A Man Called Oveshares an irresistible and moving collection of heartfelt, humorous essays about fatherhood, providing his newborn son with the perspective and tools he'll need to make his way in the world. 

Things My Son Needs to Know About the World collects the personal dispatches from the front lines of one of the most daunting experiences any man can experience: fatherhood.

As he conveys his profound awe at experiencing all the "firsts" that fill him with wonder and catch him completely unprepared, Fredrik Backman doesn't shy away from revealing his own false steps and fatherly flaws, tackling issues both great and small, from masculinity and mid-life crises to practical jokes and poop.

In between the sleep-deprived lows and wonderful highs, Backman takes a step back to share the true story of falling in love with a woman who is his complete opposite, and learning to live a life that revolves around the people you care about unconditionally. Alternating between humorous side notes and longer essays offering his son advice as he grows up and ventures out into the world, Backman relays the big and small lessons in life, including:

-How to find the team you belong to
-Why airports explain everything about religion and war
-The reason starting a band is crucial to cultivating and keeping friendships
-How to beat Monkey Island 3
-Why, sometimes, a dad might hold onto his son's hand just a little too tight


Things My Son Needs to Know about the WorldThings My Son Needs to Know about the World by Fredrik Backman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Things My Son Needs to Know About the World by Fredrik Backman is a 2019 Atria publication.

I knew I loved this author for a reason!

Fredrik Backman stole my heart with “A Man Called Ove” but he has been keeping it in safekeeping ever since.

This is Backman’s first non-fiction book, a series of essays about parenting that nearly anyone who has children, no matter what age they are now, or cared for them, can relate to. His musings are laugh out loud funny, chronicling the insanity an infant can spawn on two reasonably well- adjusted adults. The mistakes, the fears, the special moments between father and son, and the future hopes and dreams for his child are all beautifully captured in this book.

The snicker bar recipe won me over early in the book because Backman apparently feels the same way I do about a certain over rated actor. (Still chuckling and feeling so totally vindicated)

All gushing aside, though, there were times when I thought the author rambled, almost illogically, about things that didn’t seem to have much of a connection to parenthood. It only happened once or twice, but when it did, all I could do was shake my head and move on the next essay.

Other than that, I can’t tell you how much fun this book is. Not only that, it is so poignant and bittersweet, just like Backman’s fictional work.

While this book may hit home for newer parents in a more ‘in the moment’ way, even if your children are older, or like me, grown and carving out their own lives, this book will bring back a lot of memories. You may develop a lump in your throat or a swipe a tear from your eye, because Backman reminds all of us to take pleasure in all the small treasures of life, to focus on what is truly important, to admit our human frailties, and most importantly, to see the humor in it all.

If you love Backman – you don't want to miss this one!







Fredrik Backman, a blogger and columnist, is the New York Times bestselling author of A MAN CALLED OVE and MY GRANDMOTHER ASKED ME TO TELL YOU SHE'S SORRY. Both were number one bestsellers in his native Sweden and around the world, and are being published in more than thirty five territories. His latest novel is BRITT-MARIE WAS HERE. He lives in Stockholm with his wife and two children. Visit him online at his blog: FredrikBackman.com, on twitter @backmanland, or on instagram @backmansk.

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