A Thousand Steps

A Thousand Steps
A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Final Reckoning by Margaret James- Feature and Review


What if you had to return to the place that made you fall apart? 
When Lindsay Ellis was a teenager, she witnessed the aftermath of a violent murder involving her lover’s father. The killer was never found. 

Traumatised by what she saw, Lindsay had no choice but to leave her home village of Hartley Cross and its close-knit community behind. 

Now, years later, she must face up to the terrible memories that still haunt her. But will confronting the past finally allow Lindsay to heal, or will her return to Hartley Cross unearth dangerous secrets and put the people she has come to care about most at risk? 

A gripping thriller from this successful historical novelists and creative writing tutor. Perfect for fans of Erin Kelly, Linda Green and Laura Marshall. 



The Final Reckoning: A compelling thriller you don't want to miss this winter!The Final Reckoning: A compelling thriller you don't want to miss this winter! by Margaret James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Final Reckoning by Margaret James is a 2019 Ruby Fiction publication.

A haunting, suspenseful mystery-

This story is a genuine 'whodunit' style mystery, with a cold case element added in, on top of a compelling emotional drama, which gives the story an added dose of depth. Part of what helped to create such a sinister atmosphere, is the secluded village, the hint of religious fervor, and the residents, who range from slightly quirky, to moderately suspicious, to downright strange-

Eleven years prior, Lindsay Ellis found her boyfriend’s father murdered. Naturally, the trauma left a lasting mark on Lindsay. But now, after her mother’s passing, she is forced to return to Hartley’s Cross for the funeral planning, and to put her mother’s affairs in order. Forced to confront her painful past, Lindsay examines her feelings for her old boyfriend, while attempting to find answers to the old unsolved murder, hoping for long overdue closure. However, her arrival back in Hartley’s Cross is not welcomed by everyone…

This an absorbing mystery, with a tense, and surprising twist I didn’t see coming. The pacing is even, with a nice, balanced deepening of the mystery and increase in the suspense. This is a quick, atmospheric novel, all mystery and suspense lovers will enjoy!




Margaret James has been a member of the RNA for 22 years. She has written thirteen published novels, many short stories, and she also teaches creative writing for the London School of Journalism. Margaret's first novel was A Touch of Earth, a family saga set in Herefordshire where she was born and grew up, and her most recent is The Penny Bangle, set in Dorset and published by Robert Hale. But her personal favourite among her novels is Elegy for a Queen, published by Solidus, a small independent which has a varied and fascinating list. Margaret now lives in Devon, which she loves.

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