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Friday, November 9, 2018

The Big Inch by Kimberly Fish- Narrated by Sydney Young- Feature and Audio Review + Giveaway

Misfits and Millionaires #1
KIMBERLY FISH Narrated by Sydney Young
   Genre: Historical Fiction / Romance / WWII Spies  Publisher: Fish Tales Publishing
Date of Publication: August 1, 2018
Length: 10 hours, 22 minutes

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Fans of Pam Jenoff, Susan Elia MacNeal, and Kate Quinn will want to read the first book in a sparkling WWII historical fiction series, The Big Inch. Lane Mercer is a spy recovering from a disastrous mission in France when she’s assigned to protect the interests of the new federal project sending American oil to the Allies. Thrown into the high-stakes world of Texas oilmen, she’s inventing maneuvers on the fly to outwit would be counter-intelligence and Fascist sympathizers. Complicating her mission is a handsome con-artist who manages to be under her feet at the most inopportune times. Trapped between trusting her gut or trusting her informers, Lane has to learn to navigate a town that is laced with more intrigue than she’d ever have guessed, and she soon discovers that the life she might have to save. . .is her own.
Kimberly Fish’s well-researched writing drops readers into the colorful world of the American home front known so well to those who lived alongside the Greatest Generation. Buy The Big Inch today to begin this exciting first novel in a WWII series set in Texas.


“Narrator Makes Book Exciting!” 
-- 5 Stars Review on Audible
“Kimberly Fish’s writing style snatched me out of my easy chair.” 
-- Vickie Phelps, author of Moved, Left No Address
“Kimberly Fish has a gift for combining conflict, emotion, and characterization to create a compelling story.” 
-- Louis Gouge, author of Love Inspired Historical Four Star Ranch series


The Big Inch (Misfits and Millionaires #1)The Big Inch by Kimberly Fish
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Big Inch by Kimberly Fish is a 2017 publication.

Fascinating world war two intrigue- Texas style!

Lane Mercer’s new assignment sends her to Longview, Texas. Her mission is the keep an eye on the man in charge of the crucial pipeline that will send fuel to the troops, a necessity due to the probable German interception.

As Lane arrives in Texas, she is a still a bit rattled by the failure of her previous mission and is suffering from what we would now recognize as PTSD. As Lane settles into the East Texas community, she finds herself involved in all manner of small -town dramas, while standing up and speaking out against racism, and even lands herself in the middle of a love triangle. She also finds her current assignment to be more of a challenge than she expected.

Although, Lane may have been feeling tender and fragile when we first meet her, she’s pretty quick on her feet, and has an uncanny power of observation. As the story progresses, she rises to the occasion, shows her true mettle, and is one of the most determined women you will ever meet!

I loved this story! I’m a huge fan of historical fiction, and while I do try very hard to support Texas authors and love books set in Texas, I haven’t stumbled across any quite like this one. For those who are unaware, the pipeline the book is named after was finally given the green light after the United States entered the second world war. It was crucial because without it the Germans could intercept our oil shipments which the troops needed to do their jobs. So, Lane’s job was to see that the pipeline was not sabotaged. Her target, however, proves difficult to keep in her sights, and it turns out there is a great deal of intrigue going on in Longview, Texas, which was humorous as it was suspenseful, at times.

One minor complaint is the pacing with is just a little slow in some places, but the story is quite absorbing despite a few ebbs and flows.

Of course, for me, the big old softie, with a penchant for love stories, I was thrilled by the romantic elements in the story. Lane is a very sought- after young lady, but she’s also very independent and her career is her number one priority. While one may secretly root for one or more of Lane’s romantic prospects, I was very pleased with her choice.

Since I am reviewing the audio version of the book, I should mention the narration and the quality of the audio.

If you get the chance to add the audio, I do highly recommend it. The narrator has a very pleasing voice, and her southern inflections were nicely done. I felt as though I got a clearer picture of Lane in my mind with the audio version and could truly envision her character in the many unique scenarios in which she found herself in.

The story held my attention, which is something I occasionally struggle with while listening to an audiobook, as my mind does occasionally wander. However, I found myself listening to this one, very intently.  I looked forward to my daily sessions with Lane and couldn’t wait to see what would happen next in the story.

Overall, this is a terrific story centered around real events, and as a Texas resident, I enjoyed the setting and learned a bit more about Texas history, which is always fun. If you are a fan of historical fiction, I highly recommend this one! It has a bit of something for everyone, and Lane is a terrific character that will stay with you long after you finish the book!

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Kimberly Fish has been a professional writer in marketing and media for almost 30 years. In the course of research for the Longview Chamber of Commerce 100-year compilation, she stumbled across a 1940s federal works project that was too good, too war-winning, not to be retold to modern audience. In 2017, she released The Big Inch, her first WWII spy thriller detailing the crazy, big pipeline project that fueled the Allies to a win in Europe. The Big Inch has also been released as an audio download on Audible. That eye-opening novel was so consumed by readers, she quickly followed it with a second WWII spy thriller set in Longview, Harmon General. Both of these novels will be helpful to her work with the City of Longview’s 150th birthday celebrations which begin in January of 2020. Comfort Plans, a contemporary novel also set in Texas, continues her love of history by weaving old letters into the renovation of an iconic Hill Country farmhouse.  Kimberly enjoys speaking on the value of weaving history and nostalgia into our plans as we grow our communities for the future. 

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Sydney Young is a lawyer, award-winning writer and audio book narrator from the Lone Star State. Her next theatrical project will be directing “SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE,” for the Paris Community Theatre stage (Feb. 2019), while her novel “I AM HOUSTON,” is being submitted for publication by the Loiacono Literary Agency. Sydney has long been a reading advocate, including with her readings to an adopted second grade class each year. She loved voicing THE BIG INCH for all of its authentic Texas voices and true characters, all while she learned the history of the East Texas oil effort for World War II.  Visit Sydney’s website for more information on her writings, theatre, and audio books.
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