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A Thousand Steps
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Thursday, November 29, 2018

A Christmas Secret by Kirsty Ferry - Feature and Review


A heartwarming fun read from Kirsty Ferry, perfect for cat lovers and fans of Kathryn Freeman, Lindsey Kelk and Jill Mansell. 
What if a secret from Christmas past was stopping you from moving on to Christmas future? 

When Hugo McCreadie steps into Isla Brodie’s pet portrait studio to get a ‘Festive Furball Photo Shoot’ for his sister’s cat Schubert, he does question his sanity. But he knows the photographs will be the perfect Christmas present for his eccentric sister, Nessa – and he finds himself quite taken with ditzy, animal-loving Isla Brodie, too. 

Will a Christmas secret from long ago prevent Hugo and Isla’s new friendship from going any further? Or will a certain big, black cat taking matters into his own paws lead them not only on a mad winter dash through snowy Edinburgh –but into each other’s arms for Christmas as well? 



 A Christmas Secret (Choc Lit): A gorgeous fun novel to set you up for the season. (Schubert Book 2)A Christmas Secret (Choc Lit): A gorgeous fun novel to set you up for the season. by Kirsty Ferry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Christmas Secret by Kirsty Ferry is a 2018 Choc Lit publication.

A madcap adventurous romance featuring the sly matchmaker, Schubert the cat.

Hugo is pet sitting his sister Nessa’s very large black cat- Schubert, who could be a Norwegian Forest Cat or a Maine Coon. With the holidays quickly approaching, Hugo decides to take Schubert to a pet photography studio to have his picture made as a gift for his sister.

There he meets Isla, the pet photographer. Hugo thinks Isla is adorable and nice and wants to get to know her better. But he’s harboring a dark little secret from his past that could be a deal breaker for Isla.

Isla, meanwhile, is having trouble avoiding her possessive ex-boyfriend whose jealousy could interfere with Isla’s budding romance with Hugo.

Sensing there could be a little trouble brewing, Schubert, who is too smart and intuitive for his own good, is working overtime to help this couple overcome the obstacles in the way of their romance.

I knew I was going to enjoy this story simply because I love cats. But, when I discovered the cat’s breed, I was even more delighted. I desperately want a Maine Coon cat and am on the look out for a rescue. Not only that, I’m partial to black cats. But the question is, even with all that going for it, is the story a good one? Absolutely!

This a short, light hearted and zany holiday story full of humor and romantic adventure. There is a slightly sinister undertone, however, but Shubert has everything under control. So, just sit back and watch him manipulate his humans- for their own good, of course, and enjoy Isla and Hugo’s magical whirlwind romance!




Kirsty is from the North East of England and won the English Heritage/Belsay Hall National Creative Writing competition in 2009 with the ghostly tale 'Enchantment'.

Her timeslip novel, 'Some Veil Did Fall', a paranormal romance set in Whitby, was published by Choc Lit in Autumn 2014. This was followed by another Choc Lit timeslip, 'The Girl in the Painting' in February 2016. The experience of signing 'Some Veil Did Fall' in a quirky bookshop in the midst of Goth Weekend in Whitby, dressed as a recently undead person was one of the highlights of her writing career so far!

Kirsty's first timeslip novel 'The Memory of Snow' is set on Hadrian's Wall, not far from where she lives and her second novel, the vampire tale 'Refuge' is set on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, which lies just off the beautiful Northumberland coast.

'The Memory of Snow' was also commended in the Northern Writer's Awards, shortlisted to the top five of Wyvern Publication's novel competition in 2011 and longlisted in the Red Telephone Novel Competition in 2012. 

Kirsty has also put together a collection of short stories entitled 'Turn on a Sixpence' and a non-fiction collection of articles entitled 'History and Mystery - Northern Hauntings Explored'. 

'Skellig' author David Almond has given Kirsty excellent feedback on her work and she recently attended a Crossover Fiction workshop with David, facilitated by the Royal Society of Literature. 

Kirsty has also had articles and short stories published in Peoples Friend, Ghost Voices, The Weekly News, It's Fate, Vintage Script, and Wyvern Magazine. Her short stories also appear in Wyvern Publications 'Mertales' and 'Fangtales anthologies, Whitby Abbey's 'Pure Inspiration' anthology and Bridge House Publishing's anthologies 'Devils, Demons and Werewolves', 'Crime after Crime' and 'Voices of Angels', along with 'The Best of CafeLit 2011'. All of these books are available on Amazon. 

Kirsty was a judge in the Paws 'n' Claws 'Wild and Free' Children's Story competition in 2011, 2013 and 2014.

You can find out more about Kirsty and her work at www.rosethornpress.co.uk, catch her on her Facebook AuthorPage or follow her on Twitter @kirsty_ferry.

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