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A Thousand Steps
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Friday, December 10, 2021

FLASHBACK FRIDAY- Mistletoe Miracles by Jodi Thomas- Feature and Review


A small-town Texas Christmas story, where hearts are lost, love is found, and family always brings you back home.

Griffin Holloway is desperate: the Maverick Ranch has been in his family for generations, but lately, it’s a money pit. He’d sooner marry one of his horses than sell the ranch. Marriage, though, could be a solution. If he can woo a wealthy bride, he might save the ranch—just in time for Christmas.

Jaxon O’Grady likes his solitude just fine, thank you very much. But when a car accident brings the unexpected to his door, he realizes just how much one person can need another.

Crossroads is the perfect place for Jamie Johnson: avoiding nosy questions about why she’s single, she’s happy to keep to her lakeside home. So she’s baffled when she gets the strangest Christmas present of all, in the form of a Mr. Johnson, asleep on her sofa. Who is he, and why does everyone think he’s her husband?

In this uplifting novel, three unlikely couples discover just what Crossroads, Texas, can offer: romance, belonging, and plenty of Christmas spirit.




Mistletoe Miracles (Ransom Canyon)Mistletoe Miracles by Jodi Thomas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mistletoe Miracles by Jodi Thomas is a 2018 HQN publication.

Three sensitive and heartwarming tales set in the appropriately named small Texas town of Crossroads, will leave you with a warm heart, and full of Christmas cheer-

Griffin is about to lose his ranch even after he’s done everything conceivable to save it. That ranch is in his blood, part of his identity, which prompts him to make a desperate decision. He’s decided that he, or one of his two brothers, will have to marry a wealthy woman. To that end, he seeks help from two older ladies in town, who, to his surprise almost immediately comes up with a woman who meets his specifications perfectly- and as it turns out- he meets her expectations, as well. But, of course, there is a catch- one Griffin hadn’t counted on.

Meanwhile, schoolteacher Jamie Johnson finally has a place of her own and is contented with her lake house, but to avoid unwanted advances from colleagues, she has invented a husband. Returning home from a school related trip, she is stunned to find a man in her home. But, once the initial shock wears off, Jamie and Wyatt decide to play house for a few weeks while he is on leave. Wyatt will be her ‘pretend’ husband, and Jamie would give Wyatt the sense of home he so desperately craves before heading back off into the danger zone.

And last, but not least, is the story of Jaxon Grady, a recluse living in an isolated cabin, battling a plethora of demons. But, when he rescues a severely injured dog, after witnessing a bad car crash, his lost and lonely life takes a turn for the better, all because he is able and willing to help someone out in a time of crisis.

Instead of three separate stories, told one at a time, the author allotted each thread an alternating chapter, which sort of threw me, at first. But, once I picked up the cadence, it was all good! Despite the format, the stories are not really linked in any way, except by location. However, each story is heartwarming, and sweet, and all hold the promise of a brighter future- and maybe even a happily ever after- or two- or three!

While this is a holiday themed novel, and certainly embodies the spirit of the season, this is the type of book one can read over and over, at any time of the year. It’s an uplifting collection of stories, inspirational too, at times, and is just an overall ‘feel good’ novel. The stories are ‘clean’, with only mild innuendo and adult themes, so everyone can enjoy this one. This would be an outstanding addition to your holiday reading selections this year - and for years to come. Highly recommend!!


New York Times and USA Today's bestselling author Jodi Thomas has published over 30 books in both the historical romance and contemporary genres, the majority of which are set in her home state of Texas. Publishers Weekly calls her novels "Distinctive...Memorable," and that in her stories "[tension] rides high, mixed with humor and kisses more passionate than most full-on love scenes." In 2006, Romance Writers of America (RITA) inducted Thomas into the RWA Hall of Fame for winning her third RITA for THE TEXAN'S REWARD. She also received the National Readers' Choice Award in 2009 for TWISTED CREEK (2008) and TALL, DARK, AND TEXAN (2008). While continuing to work as a novelist, Thomas also functions as Writer in Residence at the West Texas A&M University campus, where she inspires students and alumni in their own writing pursuits

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