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Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Scoundrel by Claire Delacroix- Feature and Review


Dear Reader:

It is true that I acted boldly, brazenly, wantonly...and I confess, I have only myself to blame. I knew what sort of man I was dealing with, knew Gawain Lammergeier was a rogue and a thief. Yet when I schemed to seduce him and reclaim what was rightfully mine, I never imagined I would succumb to the charms of this reckless, golden-haired scoundrel.

Make no mistake, I took what I came for — the sacred relic stolen from my father that can restore the fortunes of my keep. I should have been content then, to return home with my prize. Alas, I let desire rule me. For I have dared to tempt Gawain — to best me, bewitch me and even bed me, in pursuit of my treasure.

—Lady Evangeline of Inverfyre

“A delightful romp through medieval times in a game of cat and mouse…THE SCOUNDREL is an enjoyable read; mixed with passion, humor and an unexpected plot that kept me turning the pages.”
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The Scoundrel (The Rogues of Ravensmuir Book 2)The Scoundrel by Claire Delacroix
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Scoundrel by Claire Delacroix is a 2014 publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

What a clever and unique story!

Gawain steals a priceless relic, only to have it stolen from him after a night of passion. The woman who so enchanted him, boldly leaves a clue behind, daring Gawain to find her.

Find her he does, but when he learns the lady's true identity and the history behind the relic, he is stunned.

Lady Evangeline of Iverfyre desperately needs the relic to restore her father’s keep, which has fallen on very hard times. But, although she seduces Gawain, she must fulfill her duty, while wishing for just one more night with Gawain.

But, when Gawain finally tracks her down, the two engage in a battle of wits, each determined to own the relic, but unable to satisfy the deepest hunger they have for each other.

But, the situation grows very serious, when Evangeline is accused of murder and must fight for her freedom and fulfil her destiny, which will mean marriage to someone other than Gawain.

Medieval is one of my very favorite historical romance sub-genres, and I have been in the right mood to immerse myself in ancient times that are filled with danger and intrigue.

Although this story is fraught with intrigue and danger, there was a slightly comical tone mixed in, especially with Gawain and Evangeline, who engage in some delightful banter, while attempting to outwit each other.

It was like a medieval style caper, which was a lot of fun. There is loads of action and adventure, and the love story is quite unique, with Gawain and Evangeline always at odds, but unable to imagine living without each other, even if they don’t want to admit it.

Gawain is a very tough nut to crack and I did wonder about his character, as he did a pretty good job of convincing me he was a rogue all the way to the core. But, of course, it’s plain to see that Evangeline holds his heart in her hands, right from the very beginning.

Overall, this one felt like a slight departure from most medieval tales, since it had a much lighter tone, and was devoid of graphic battle scenes, and other heavier elements common in this era of time. I really enjoyed it and I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.




NYT bestselling author Claire Delacroix always loved stories, both telling them and hearing them. She sold her first romance novel - THE ROMANCE OF THE ROSE - in 1992 and has published over fifty romance novels since. She writes in a variety of subgenres, including time travel romance, historical romance, medieval romance, fantasy romance and fantasy with romantic elements. She has also written under the names Claire Cross and Deborah Cooke. She makes her home with her family, a number of incomplete knitting projects and a lot of overgrown houseplants. Claire loves to travel, to cook, to ride her bike and to read.

Claire is currently writing The Champions of Saint Euphemia series of medieval romances. She also writes paranormal and contemporary romance as Deborah Cooke.

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful review! Gawain was a different hero for me, but I loved writing his story. I think of him as my medieval James Bond - and Evangeline had his number from the very start. :-) Thank you!

    1. My pleasure!! James Bond! Yes, that's it in a nutshell. I loved it!

      Coming up next.. thinking about dragons.. stay tuned!


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