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A Thousand Steps
A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

Friday, May 27, 2016

Every Fifteen Minutes by Lisa Scottoline- Feature and Review

Dr. Eric Parrish is the Chief of the Psychiatric Unit at Havemeyer General Hospital outside of Philadelphia. Recently separated from his wife, Caitlin, he is doing his best as a single dad to his seven-year-old daughter Hannah. His work seems to be going better than his home life, however. His unit at the hospital has just been named number two in the country and Eric has a devoted staff of doctors and nurses who are as caring as Eric is. But when he takes on a new patient, Eric's entire world begins to crumble. Seventeen-year-old Max has a terminally ill grandmother and is having trouble handling it. That, plus his OCD and violent thoughts about a girl he likes makes Max a high risk patient. Max can't turn off the rituals he needs to perform every fifteen minutes that keep him calm. With the pressure mounting, Max just might reach the breaking point. When the girl is found murdered, Max is nowhere to be found. Worried about Max, Eric goes looking for him and puts himself in danger of being seen as a "person of interest". Next, one of his own staff turns on him in a trumped up charge of sexual harassment. Is this chaos all random? Or is someone systematically trying to destroy Eric's life?

New York Times best selling author Lisa Scottoline's visceral thriller, Every Fifteen Minutes, brings you into the grip of a true sociopath and shows you how, in the quest to survive such ruthlessness, every minute counts.


Every Fifteen MinutesEvery Fifteen Minutes by Lisa Scottoline
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Every Fifteen Minutes by Lisa Scottoline is a 2015 St. Martin's Press publication.

While I have read enough of this author’s work to know better, I trusted her and fell right into every trap, followed every red herring and wound up totally gobsmacked!!

When the puzzle pieces began to click into place, the hair stood up on the back of my neck and I literally felt a chill run down my back. I know that sounds cliché’ but seriously, my body and mind went into shock.
What makes this story so unsettling, is the real possibility I could know a sociopath, even feel close to someone with a sociopathic personality. They are so smart, calculating, and cunning, with an impeccable ability to mimic concern and fake emotions. It's a possibility that might give me a few restless nights.
This is an impressive thriller, with lots of twists, and non-stop motion and suspense. This is recommended to those who enjoy Psychological thrillers and Mystery/Suspense.

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Lisa Scottoline is the New York Times bestselling author and Edgar award-winning author of 23 novels, including her latest, EVERY FIFTEEN MINUTES, which releases in April 2015. She also writes a weekly column with her daughter Francesca Serritella for the Philadelphia Inquirer titled "Chick Wit" which is a witty and fun take on life from a woman's perspective. 

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