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A Thousand Steps
A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

Friday, November 6, 2015

Traitor's Curse by Beth Trissel - Blog Tour + Giveaway

by Beth Trissel



Halifax, North Carolina, 1783.

Captain Stuart Monroe returns home from the Revolutionary War to find Thornton Hall threatened by a peacetime foe: debt. He knows the location of a treasure amassed to pay for the capture of Benedict Arnold that would restore his manor to its former glory. The catch, it's hidden in the graveyard, and coveted by old enemies.

Hettie Fairfax inherited the Sight from her Cherokee ancestors, and her otherworldly visitors warn her, and Stuart, away from the buried treasure. Half-dead from fever, she delivers a message: the treasure is cursed. But will he believe a girl half out of her mind with illness? Even when a very real enemy attempts to poison her? Stuart soon wants to marry Hettie, but she fears her "odd ways" will blemish his reputation. The spirits have their own agenda, however, and the battle against darkness tests everything the couple holds dear, including their love for each other.

Excerpt :

Stuart clasped her shoulders. She was flesh and blood beneath his grip, yet seemed not of this world. “What did he say?”

To watch for your coming.”

How could they possibly anticipate my visit?”

That has not yet been revealed.”

Her answer baffled him, as did she. “Why did you call me master? Are you a servant?”


He’d doubted she was in anyone’s employ. Her smooth hands, opulent coverlet, and refined manner, all bespoke gentility. And she smelled of violets, a costly scent.

He gazed deeply into those mesmerizing eyes. “Why are you here?”

I seek the living among the dead.”

A peculiar reply from the haunting stranger. “Who?”

You. Stuart Monroe.”

Again, the sensation of ants scattering down the nape of his neck. “How did you know I would come?”

I was told. In a dream.”

She spoke like one in a dream. The cold mist, the woman—an apparition in the fog—seemed unreal. Yet she was no ghost.

You can foresee events?” A sense of dread possessed him.

In glimpses. Your father appeared to me.” Her barely perceptible voice faded entirely, and her eyes fluttered, then closed. She swayed against him, any further explanation muffled by his coat.

Stuart held her fast and kept her from sliding to the cold earth. What did his father have to do with this visitation? Was the woman in his arms some sort of witch?


Traitor's CurseTraitor's Curse by Beth Trissel

Traitor's Curse by Beth Trissel is a 2015 The Wild Rose Press publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Traitor's Curse is a unique paranormal mystery and historical romance set against in the days following the revolutionary war.

Hettie has a special gift which prompts her to warn Captain Stuart Monroe of his enemies and their quest to acquire the treasure that is allegedly buried in an empty grave. But, in so doing, Hettie put her health at risk and must recuperate at Thornton Hall.

Once Stuart gets to know Hettie, he realizes she has contact with the dead and feels he must keep her gift a secret to prevent people from presuming she suffers from mental illness, something he too is concerned about at times, but he also feels a tenderness towards her and before long the two realize they are falling in love. But, it would seem someone want to keep Hettie from revealing too much inside information and she could be in grave danger. Can Stuart and Hettie reach their goals and save Thornton Hall and escape the challenge their enemies present.

I liked this historical novel set in America for once and the era of time is also a nice change of pace. I think this story more of a mystery even though there are some paranormal elements.

Hettie and Stuart enjoy a sweet romance, and keeps to the standard of the day, which was also nice to see. Although the war is winding down, there are still strong feelings towards those with certain political leanings, and of course the promise of easy money and the power it could bring is a big part of the story.
This story also has a little tiny holiday themed aura as the story takes place during the Christmas season and there could be a special Yuletide celebration.
This is an easy read, a light mystery and adventure with a little something for everyone. I recommend this one to lovers for historical mysteries, and for paranormal and historical romance fans.


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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Married to her high school sweetheart, Beth Trissel lives on a farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia surrounded by her children, grandbabies, and assorted animals. An avid gardener, her love of herbs and heirloom plants figures into her work. The rich history of Virginia, the Native Americans, and the people who journeyed here from far beyond her borders are at the heart of her inspiration. She’s especially drawn to colonial America and the drama of the American Revolution. In addition to historical romance, she also writes time travel, paranormal romance, YA fantasy, and nonfiction.

For more on Beth visit her blog, One Writer’s Way, at: https://bethtrissel.wordpress.com

Connect with Beth on Facebook: Author Beth Trissel (https://www.facebook.com/bctrissel?fref=ts)

At Twitter: https://twitter.com/BethTrissel

Visit Beth’s Amazon Author Page where all her books reside: Amazon Author Page (http://www.amazon.com/Beth-Trissel/e/B002BLLAJ6/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1435416800&sr=8-1)


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