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Friday, September 25, 2015

Color Me Mindful: Tropical by Anastasia Catris- Adult Coloring Book - Book Review

These intricate and beautifully detailed line drawings of tropical scenes are ready for you to bring to life. Relieve stress, practice your mindfulness, and discover your creative side as you unplug and slow down by filling these exquisite pages with color.

No matter our age, useful mindfulness techniques can help re-center us amidst a world of noisy stimuli constantly vying for our attention. Coloring can act like a tranquil meditation—relax and unwind with this calming coloring book for adults featuring beautifully detailed line drawings and designs of this tropical paradise.

Make your mark—inside or outside the lines—with these fifty beautiful black and white illustrations of exotic lizards, breathtaking birds, and other amazing jungle life just waiting for your gentle touch to bring the soothing cadence of the tropics to life.

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Color Me Mindful: TropicalColor Me Mindful: Tropical by Anastasia Catris
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Color Me Mindful – Tropical- by Anatasia Catris is a 2015 Gallery Books publication. I was provided a copy of this book as an XOXpert- The official street team of XOXO After Dark.

I have, like many others, fallen in love with the Adult Coloring Book phenomena. I never realized until I tried it, how relaxing coloring in all these wonderful patterns could be.

I love the patterns in the 'Color Me Mindful- Tropical' coloring book. There are 64 pages and 50 tropical themed intricate patterns. Adult coloring has helped me maintain focus and concentration, as well, as coordination skills, which is especially important at this stage in my life. Sticking with a tropical theme, the shapes including frogs, butterflies, surfboards, palm trees, and seahorses, just to name a few.

This book offers hours and hours of entertainment, fun, and stress relief. I have also had fun with other family members as sit down as a group to color, providing a relaxed atmosphere to visit, and enjoy the company of others.

Map colors, felt markers, or gel pens all work great, but I would advise against certain markers due to the possibility of bleeding through to the next page.

I am really enjoying this adult coloring book which as large shapes and less time consuming sections mixed in with smaller, more intricate patterns and shapes that take longer to complete and require a bit more concentration.

If you are into Adult coloring books, then you know how much fun they are and you will want to add this book to your collection. If you haven't joined in the Adult Coloring Book community yet, this book is an excellent choice to start with since it provides both simple and more challenging patterns. Once you've tried it, you will find yourself feeling more creative, feeling less stress, and will feel much more relaxed as a result.




Color Me Mindful: Tropical

Anastasia Catris is a freelance illustrator and writer from Wales in the United Kingdom. After graduating from Royal Holloway, University of London with a BA Hons in English Literature, she travelled to the United States to pursue her passion for comics and graphic novels by studying at The Kubert School of Comic and Cartoon Art.

She returned to the UK in 2009, taking her first art job as an illustrator for HarperCollins Publishers. Her debut illustrated book, 'SuBo’s Cat: The Imaginings of Susan Boyle’s Pampered Pussy', a satirical comedy cartoon, was published through HarperCollins in 2010 and was sold in book stores worldwide.

She began exhibiting at comic conventions in 2011, becoming a regular face at acclaimed expos including Showmasters and MCM. Her experience at conventions led her to producing ACEOs and Sketch Cards, for which she has since been hired by International companies including Fox, Marvel, DC, IDW, Dynamite, Perna Studios, Cryptozoic and Breygent Marketing.

As a freelance illustrator she has most recently worked for Orion Publishing, Kerrang! Magazine and Cygnus Alpha: The Doctor Who Fanzine.

Most recently she has completed a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign for her creator-owned project Cirque Du Mort, which reached its target within 36 hours of going live. She has also recently completed projects for DC on their upcoming Super Villains trading card set.

She is currently working for several publishers on freelance illustration work whilst continuing her work on the Cirque Du Mort



  1. Your coloring is fantastic. I haven't had a chance to try mine..my daughter is always coloring in it!

    1. Thanks for saying so, but I was a little embarrassed. Some of these pages required a very steady hand I admit to being a little out of practice! LOL


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