A Thousand Steps

A Thousand Steps
A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

Monday, April 7, 2014


The Who FAQ: All That's Left to Know about Fifty Years of Maximum R&BThe Who FAQ: All That's Left to Know about Fifty Years of Maximum R&B by Mike Segretto
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Who FAQ: All That's Left to Know About Fifty Years of Maximum R&B by Mike Segretto is a 2014 Backbeat publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

There have been books written about The Who as a band, books written about the individual members, and books that are standard biographies, some autobiographies, and after fifty years one might wonder what on earth is there left to know. So, if you are a who fan to the extreme, then you may already know all about the material in this book. I am betting though that even the most die hard fans will learn a few things or will gain a broader perspective. First of all it is important to know two things: 1) This is NOT a biography of the band or it's members and 2) This is NOT a trivia book.
This book is a compilation of facts about the band that covers everything under the sun. Current band members, past band members, clothing styles, album covers, singles, flops, rock opera, influences, bands the group influenced, hair styles, competitions, songs that were not hits, but were really good songs that maybe you want to check out, remixes, EP's ( extended play records),collections, TV appearances, documentaries, movies, politics, fighting with in the band, and websites. This book is one you will want to keep on your device or stored in the cloud for future references. Somewhat encyclopedic and somewhat like a reference book this is a unique take on the band and is chock full of information.
The Who is one on the most enduring and influential bands in rock music. They weathered many trends and failures and losses but still have managed to stand the test of time. This book is essential for fans of the group and for those who are not as familiar with group this is a great way to learn more without having to read through dry biography style history books.
I really enjoyed looking back over the band's career and looking at these obscure album covers and pictures. A fascinating and interesting look back on one of the greatest rock bands of all time!! This one is an A+-- 5 stars.


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