A Thousand Steps

A Thousand Steps
A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Accidental Cowgirl: A Loveswept Contemporary RomanceAccidental Cowgirl: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance by Maggie McGinnis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Accidental Cowgirl: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance by Maggie McGinnis is a 2013 publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Kyla is trying to recover physically, mentally, and emotionally from: a snake of an ex-fiance who stole from her and her grandparents, a near fatal accident, then the deaths of her grandparents. Now she has trouble sleeping and is prone to debilitating panic attacks. So, her two best friends decide Kyla needs a vacation and time away from everything. So, they sign up to experience life on a dude ranch in Montana.
Decker is returning home to Montana after spending his adult life in LA. His father has passed away and the ranch is in trouble financially. So, he plans to spend the summer trying to save the ranch from being taken away because of his father's gambling debts. Decker loves this ranch, loves Montana and would love to live here again, but a very painful memory is here too and Decker bears the responsibilty for it.
When three women from Boston show up for a little fun, Decker and his brother show the ladies how to ride a horse, and plan other activities to keep them entertained. Kyla is pleasantly surprised to see Decker is one of the ranch owners. The two met because she had a flat tire on her way to the ranch and a retired cop had her doing all kinds of hilarious sobriety test. Decker stopped and rescued her.
Decker can't seem to take his eyes off Kyla and it becomes obvious he is a little smitten with her. One of his ex- girlfriends who has also returned to Montana after trying her hand at being a star, is abnormally jealous. So, life out in Montana is about to become very interesting.
First of all , I loved the retired cop. He got things off to a good start and the story stayed on a fast pace all the way through. I also appreciated the two friends that thought so much of Kyla and really wanted to help her recover. Then there was Decker. Ok, I love the flawed, the tormented, the smoking hot cowboy type and Decker was all of those things. Decker has lived his adult life blaming himself for something that wasn't really his fault. He tried to forge a life for himself away from the place he loved most in the world, but he hasn't felt fulfilled. His heart is on the ranch and up until now, he hasn't even been able to visit it. A romance is the last thing on Kyla's mind. She's been burned and has no intention of making that mistake again. But, Decker is mighty hard to resist. So, can a city girl with a whole lot of baggage and a cowboy with a heavy heart find common ground? It may not seem likely in the beginning, and there are many obstacles in their way, but these two people are a lot stronger than they give themselves credit for. They are both survivors and I think that together they can conquer anything.
Overall this one is an A.

Maggie is a Golden Heart Finalist who started writing when her twins were infants and she was desperately seeking sanity. The fact that she found it only with imaginary people makes her a bit concerned, but at least they do what she tells them to ... usually.
She lives in New England, though she spends an inordinate amount of time on Arizona real estate sites in mid-January. While snow piles up to her windowsills, she cyber-stalks the blue skies and pink houses of the Southwest.
She used to be an English teacher, a certified black belt, and a cool-car driver. Then ... twins. Now she swills caffeine while driving the one vehicle she swore she'd never own: a minivan. It sort of hurts even to admit it.
You can find Maggie at www.maggiemcginnis.com.

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