A Thousand Steps

A Thousand Steps
A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Pecan Pies and Deadly Lies by Nancy Naigle is 2013 Montlake publication. I recieved this book as a part of the Amazon Kindle first program.

Cody Tuggle a country music star, is tired of being on the road and is feeling burned out and ready for some down time. He's thought of looking up an old girlfriend to see if maybe he made a mistake by chosing his career over family life. His manager, Arty, is vehemently opposed to that idea. Cody also remembers a pretty girl he met on a photo shoot named Kasey. He wishes he could find a girl like her. She's not interested in his fame or money and is easy to talk to. She has her own career and is raising a son alone after her husband passes away. When Cody has the chance to meet with Kasey again, he knows for sure he wants to gets to know her better.

For Kasey life without her husband ,Nick, has been hard. Raising her son alone she just can't seem to move on. The love she had with Nick was a one of a kind, once in a lifetime kind of love and Kasey is sure she will never feel that type of connection again. She does have an admirer though, but try as she might she can't feel anything for the law enforcement officer that has tried so hard to become a part of her life. But, we she finds herself touching base with Cody Tuggle again, something long buried starts making it's way to the surface and now Kasey is frightened by the feeling she has for Cody.

A series of events unfolds that hits Cody pretty hard. He finds out some things that have him really upset and Kasey is the just the person he needs to help him deal with some heavy betrayals. But, when a death occurs, Cody becomes suspect number one. Did Kasey misread Cody? Could he be a cold blooded murderer?

I loved the characters in this story, but Kasey's son Jake nearly stole the show. Kasey deserves a chance at HEA after going through the loss of her husband. Cody also deserves to have someone love him for who he really is. Although Kasey is not sure about how they will manage small town life with Cody's superstar status, Cody knows without a doubt this small town and Kasey is just what he wants, if he doesn't get send to prison for murder that is.

Nancy Naigle has a real talent for tucking us in to a cozy spot and losing ourselves in a heartwarming romance and with a mystery and little suspense thrown in for good measure. If you haven't read the Adam's Grove series yet, get yourself over to Amazon or B&N and get a copy. These romance and mystery novels will appeal to any audience, even YA readers can enjoy these since there is no strong language, sexual content or graphic violence. If you enjoy contemporary romance, romantic suspense, or cozy myteries you will enjoy this series.

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