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A Thousand Steps
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Running the Red Light

Release Date: January 6, 2014

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

Format: e-book

Tags: Texas, sexy, small-town, contemporary romance, romantic comedy, southern, Kelsey Browning

After wearing a "Least Likely to Succeed" label all her life, Roxanne Eberly is hell-bent on making her Red Light Lingerie store successful. Although the residents of small-town Shelbyville, Texas, are a little…lingerie-resistant, she’ll win them over eventually. So when a former employer sues her, putting a major wrinkle in her careful plans, she reluctantly accepts help from hot-stuff Houston attorney Jamie Wright.

Jamie’s on track to become his firm’s youngest partner, but discovers an unwritten prerequisite—marriage. Turns out, the only woman he wants is Roxanne, but peddling thongs and sex toys isn’t a suitable career for the spouse of an up-and-coming attorney.

Jamie’s tangled up in Roxanne’s lawsuit, her life and her lingerie. But if they’re ever going to make it work, Roxanne’s big-city boy will have to decide what he values more: the career he always thought he wanted or the woman he never thought he’d fall for.

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Running the Red Light by Kelsey Browning is a January 2014 Carina Press publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Roxanne has opened a lingerie shop with the apt title of "The Red Light". Her shop is located in the small Texas town of Shelbyville. She attends a charity fundraiser for a cause that is near and dear to her heart. She meets a lawyer named Jamie at the fundraiser. She never thought she would have to call upon him for his services. When Roxanne's old employer sees a write up about the fundraiser and Roxanne's lingerie is featured and her shop promoted, she sues Roxanne. Why? Well, it seems Roxanne signed a "no competition" contract and is now in breach of contract.

Jamie came from humble beginnings. He is now on the short list to make partner in a prestigious law firm. It has been his goal and dream to someday make partner, but he never thought he would have to sell his soul to achieve it. His boss has hinted that Jamie could be chosen for partnership if he had a wife. Not only that, the boss would really be impressed if Jamie were to marry his daughter.

But, when Roxanne calls Jamie to help her with the lawsuit, Jamie begins to feel more and more like making partner would be like making a deal with the devil and his enthusiasm begins to wane. In the meantime, he is completely taken in by Roxanne. She is hard working, smart, has a big heart, doesn't mind fighting for her dreams, and maybe she is also suffering from a disorder that many are too embarrassed to admit to, which makes her drive to succeed all the more impressive.
But, there are many obstacles in Roxanne's way. Her former boss, Ashton, is not giving up without a fight. She too is determined to prove she can be successful on her own.

With everyone is an uproar over The Red Light, hilarity erupts a time or two, there are a couple of really good cat fights, lots of steamy sex, a few hurt feelings, a few scrapes and bruises, second chances for love, family dramas, and a whole lot of good old fashioned soul searching that will bring about some life altering changes for some.

I loved this book. The small town of Shelbyville could be any small American town. There is a sense of community and caring that can be at times feel like an intrusion, but deep down you wouldn't have it any other way. I loved the character growth as Roxanne, Jamie and Ashton all matured and learned what really matters in life. I also cheered the author's decision to speak out about reading disabilities and how they can be overcome and worked around. Many people suffer in silence like Roxanne did. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Seek help and work hard and welcome support from family and friends. This was a well rounded story with a great group of characters you will care about and root for.
This was a wonderful novel that would appeal to lovers of contemporary romance and chick lit.
This one gets an A+

Kelsey Browning

Author of the Texas Nights series

Co-author of The Granny Series

Kelsey Browning Bio

HYPERLINK "http://www.kelseybrowning.com" Kelsey Browning writes sass kickin’ love stories and cozy Southern mysteries. Originally from a Texas town smaller than the ones she writes about, Kelsey has also lived in the Middle East and Los Angeles, proving she’s either adventurous or downright nuts. These days, she hangs out in northeast Georgia with Tech Guy, Smarty Boy, Bad Dog and Pharaoh, a Canine Companions for Independence puppy. She’s currently at work on the next book in her HYPERLINK "http://www.kelseybrowning.com/books-2/" Texas Nights series and HYPERLINK "http://www.thegrannyseries.com" The Granny Series . Give her a shout at HYPERLINK "mailto:Kelsey@KelseyBrowning.com" Kelsey@KelseyBrowning.com or drop by HYPERLINK "http://www.KelseyBrowning.com" www.KelseyBrowning.com . For info on her upcoming releases, subscribe to her HYPERLINK "http://kelseybrowning.us6.list-manage2.com/subscribe?u=5a8f5fd0633664ba7f70e28f0&id=e6ec391b88" Sass Kickin’ News .

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I am so happy to have Kelsey join us today chat and answer some  questions for us!!

1) Roxanne and Jamie chose small town living. Do you like small towns or city living?

Both. I was raised in a small town of 1500 people, and I also lived in Los Angeles. If I could find a town like Shelbyville, I might consider moving there. Only problem is I would want to hang out will Allie, Roxanne, and the other gals instead of write!

2) Have you ever felt compelled to remodel a home like Roxanne did?

Definitely. Before we moved overseas, my husband and I were always fiddling with the house we owned for about 12 years. Now that we're back in the States, we recently bought a cabin, and although it doesn't need much work, we like changing out little things like lights and fixtures.

3) What inspired you to call attention to dyslexia and it's various forms?

It just fit for Roxanne. It was part of who she was from the beginning. I wrote the original draft of RTRL in 2008, and that part of Roxanne's character was incorporated from the get-go. It was fascinating to research dylexia and dygraphia because there are lots of stereotypes that just aren't true or only paint part of the picture. Also, reading is something so many of us take for granted. It's important to remember it's a hard skill for some people, and others in the world can't read at all.

4) Physical books or e-books?

E-books for portability. I was reading e-books years before most people were because I couldn't get the physical books I wanted in the Middle East.

5) Name your top five favorite authors

Seriously_ five only?? That's impossible. I might be able to narrow it to five in one subgenre, might. OK- I'll go for five in contemporary romance: Ruthie Knox. Jill Shalvis, Tamara Morgan, Nancy Naigle, Jamie Farrell, (um...Shannon Stacey, Kat Latham, Robin Covington, Kimberly Kinkaid, Reese Ryan- LOL)

6) Where can readers contact you?
Pop me a note at Kelsey@KelseyBrowning.com. To keep up with my goings-on, folks can also subscribe to my Sass Kickinhttp://eepurl.com/y8MZj.

7) What are you working on now?
I'm finishing up Texas Nights #4 (currently without a title) and the next The Granny Series book!

8) What other types of books have you written?
I co-write a cozy mystery series with the amazing Nancy Naigle. In For a Penny released in November, and we are planning for two books in 2014. Honey, these are not your momma's grannies. They are just like Dirty Harry...only over 50, female and from the south.

9) What do you enjoy doing in your (limited) spare time?

I have become strangely addicted to Castle and Scandal in the past year. I went for years without really watching TV, and now I find myself attracted to shows again. My son and I chat about the plotlines and character development. Otherwise, I like to spend time at our cabin and dabble in some crafty stuff, whatever catches my fancy at the time. Recently, I've been crocheting beanies. What can I say, I'm a circular kinda gal!

10) Do you have a favorite quote you would like to share?

Again- I have tons. I'm  a bit of a quote hoarder. How about this one:
"Anything worth doing, is worth doing badly"- Julia Cameron
She's saying that if we only do things we're good at, that we expect perfection, then we become paralyzed. Let's be honest, we suck before we get good at things. And then...we still suck, but we just learn how to fix it or surround ourselves with people who help us fix it.

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  1. Julie - thanks so much for hosting me today. Really enjoyed this interview!


  2. Nice review, Julie and nice interview both of you! I knew dyslexia a bit from family and friends having it but dysgraphia was a new one for me. I enjoyed looking it up and learning more about it, though. Congrats on the release, Kelsey!

    1. Amy,
      I agree with you. I had not heard of dysgraphia either. Thanks for the comments and for stopping by The Book Review

    2. Amy -

      I love learning new things when I write a book. So many people think there's no research involved when writing a contemporary romance. Not true! :-)

      Thanks for stopping in!

  3. Delene Yochum said...
    Great interview Julie and getting the chance to learn more about Kelsey Browning is always a good thing! One of my favs!

    1. Delene -

      Thanks so much, and you were such a sweetheart to call in to the interview last night!


  4. Awesome interview. And a big thanks for hosting a giveaway!

    1. Samantha -

      Thanks so much for stopping by. Best of luck in the giveaway!


  5. Great interview! Enjoying Personal Assets right now and can't wait to get Running the Red Light! I love this series already.

    1. Bette - So glad to hear you enjoyed Personal Assets! I so enjoyed writing both Cameron and Jamie :-).



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