A Thousand Steps

A Thousand Steps
A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

Friday, December 13, 2013


Entangled Thorns by Melinda Clayton is a 2013 Thomas-Jacob publication. This book was provided to be by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Raised in Cedar Hollow, West Virginia, Beth and her sister, Naomi left home right after the death of their thirteen year old brother, Luke.
Luke died in an accident and Beth has never really dealt with the tragedy. When she receives a letter from Cedar Hollow from an hold friend explaining that her mother is in severe health, Beth and her sister come together for the first time in years and head back to West Virginia to deal with the past once and for all.

This the story of a dysfunctional family mired in a tradition of alcohol stills and drinking, physical abuse and mental cruelty out in the backwoods of West Virginia.

Beth started to drink at a very young age and is now a full fledged alcoholic. Her marriage is in a rut, her teenage daughter is living through the trauma of losing her once very hands on and involved mother to alcohol.

Naomi grew up to be a bestselling author and swore off booze, never wanting anything to do with it once she left home.

But everyone in the story was traumatized by the death of Luke, even if they never knew him.

The really unique thing about this book is that each person involved gets to tell the story from their own unique perspective. Beth is the main focus of the book, but her daughter, sister, mother and husband and the owner of a local diner who knew the family all their lives all get a say in how they perceive things.
This is an emotional story, but one that gives us hope for all those involved. The one thing they all need to face will bring about a long needed closure to many open wounds and the healing process can begin for all of them , but especially for Beth.

This is a new to me author. I must say I'm quite impressed. I loved this story! I recommend this book to lovers of fiction/literature, family drama, and women's fiction.

This is an A+


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