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A Thousand Steps
A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Homes Pun Humor by David R. Yale is a Healthy Relationship Press publication, released in September 2013. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

We've all heard that phrase "No Pun Intended". In this book the pun IS intended. There are over one hundred pages of puns and plays on words. I am amazed that David can think up this many puns or "quips". I like to keep this type of book around for many reasons. For one thing, it makes me think a little. They are good brain exercises. Secondly, these are funny! Who doesn't like a good joke? There were only a handful of these phrases that you wouldn't want to repeat to your grandmother, but mostly these are jokes that can be told to any audience.
This type of book doesn't have to be read all at once. In fact, I didn't just sit down and read it cover to cover like I would a novel. I picked it up and read a little of it in the evenings until I had read all the jokes/puns etc. Certainly, there are few that are "cheesy", but that actually made them even funnier. But, there were some that had me groaning and rolling my eyes. LOL
All I can say is that the author as a unique talent for word plays and has carved out a niche for himself few could top.
Overall this is a delightful book to use if you need a clean joke for an occasion, or if just want a chuckle or two, or to give your brain a workout.
I give this one an A.

I am pleased to have David here with us today to talk about his latest book. Welcome David!

1)      OK, David, I have to ask. How on earth do you think up all these puns? You have an amazing talent for creating the “play on words” or “puns”. How did you get started writing books filled with these “quips”?
It all started with the way I hear things. When I was a little boy, my Dad very proudly told me he'd gotten a raise in pay. But I didn't hear it that way, and I was quite upset. "Dad!" I said. "We need money, not raisins!"
After a few misunderstandings like that, I realized that you can hear words in different ways, so I started to play around with them. It wasn't long before I was punning regularly.
My Uncle Arthur encouraged me. He'd tell me the funniest puns, and patiently explain them to me when I didn't get them. He and I and my Dad laughed a lot together and I began to associate punning with family fun.
For many years, I thought of puns, and if there was an opportunity to share them, I did. If not, I'd think them up, and mostly forget them.
But then I got a job as a copywriter at Publishers Clearing House. And some of my colleagues there encouraged me to write down my puns. So every time I thought of a pun, I wrote it on a slip of paper, and soon I had hundreds of them. I collected them into a manuscript, but even though I was a published author with an agent, I couldn't find a publisher who was interested in Pun Enchanted Evenings. So I put it aside.
Ten years later. I looked at the manuscript again and realized how good it was. So I tried again, and Pun Enchanted Evenings was published as both a paperback and an eBook. It went on to win the 2011 Global eBook Award for Humor, and in 2013 it's selling better than ever.
But even if I wanted to, I couldn't turn off the punning! And pretty soon, I had 2400+ more puns on little scraps of paper. So I chose the funniest of them, and that's how HomesPun Humor was born.
And I'm still thinking up puns! Sometimes I go for days, weeks, and even months without a pun crossing my mind. And then there are the days when they just keep coming, up to 37 of them in a day!
2)      How many books have you written?
My very first book was The Publicity Handbook, which was a Fortune Book Club selection. It was in print for 30 years! Then I wrote a workbook to go with it. From there, I turned to storytelling, with an anti-porn coming-of-age novel, Saying No to Naked Women. And then I wrote my first pun book, Pun Enchanted Evenings: 746 Original Word Plays. And of course my latest book, HomesPun Humor.
3)      What do you like to do in your spare time?
I listen to jazz, folk, blues, and classical music, read fiction, the news, and since I'm a transit and railroad buff, I read about that and go to transit museums. But my favorite leisure-time activity is a very funny punning competition in Brooklyn NY called Punderdome®3000. It plays to a full house of 400+ pun lovers each month, and I get more laughs there than the rest of the month combined. I wrote about Punderdome® in HomesPun Humor.
4)      Where can readers contact you? Where are your books sold?
I have a website devoted to my two pun books, www.BestPuns.Com. I always welcome questions from readers, who can reach me at David@BestPuns.Com. For a steady stream of Yale puns, follow me on Twitter @BestPuns.
In the USA, the best place to buy HomesPun Humor is at Amazon. Outside the USA, The Book Depot offers excellent prices and free shipping to most countries, or you can go to your local Amazon for the Kindle version.
5)      What are you working on now?
I'm working on a line of pun T-shirts and coffee mugs, which should be up and running in early 2014. So you'll be able to wear some of your favorite quips from HomesPun Humor, and dusplay them when you drink your morning joe.
In addition, I'm working on expanding my YouTube BestPuns channel. It already has two funny pun stories on it, and one of them is even animated! My goal is to add ten new videos from HomesPun Humor.
Last, but not least, I'm thinking about doing a third pun book. My tentative title is Aww! Some Puns, Awe-full Puns! I already have some new quips for it!
6)      David, I always end an interview with a request for a favorite quote. In this case I thought it would be cool if you left us with a few examples of the puns we can find in your book.
Capacity: How much head you can get into a hat!
Why can't Congress get anything done? Because they're a bunch of legis-laters!
Scientists have developed an artificial stomach implant, but it's still intestine     stage!
Don't let an 8-year-old run a marathon. Her kid knees might fail!
Young poets go to Love Verse Lane!
Where do you take a sick sandwich? To the mayo clinic!
If you leave a pot of alphabet soup on your kitchen counter for 4 days, you get a             vowel odor!

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