A Thousand Steps

A Thousand Steps
A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


A Highlander for Christmas by Christina Skye is a Steel Magnolia Press publication. For those looking for this book on Goodreads, you might want to search for "The Perfect Gift" , which was the original title.

Maggie Kincaid's life has been a rollercoaster ride for the last seven months. Her father, Daniel, died in a plane crash amid rumors he was a jewel thief. Maggie got left with his debts and with the media hounding her every move.
Jared MacNeill was adjusting to life after having gone through an experience that not many people would have survived. He was also "gifted" as a psychic. The bad thing was he had foreseen his own death.
Now he is working for Nicholas Draycott, and his assignment is Maggie Kincaid. Is Maggie like her father, a jewel thief? Jared is to keep an eye on her and keep the media off her trail as well.
Maggie was so excited to be chosen to work on the Draycott jewel exhibit. London would be the perfect thing to keep her mind from her sorrow. She didn't count on the situation at the Abbey, the vivid dreams, and her intense attraction to Jared.

"Newsflash, MacNeill: there are no princes. There are only princesses with bad eyesight and frogs who are excellent at concealing the extent of their imperfections."

Maggie doesn't get to work on her jewelry designs as much as she would like. Rumors begin to circulate that her father may not be dead after all and someone is trying to scare Maggie, or worse, trying to kill her.
She and Jared both have a feeling they are being followed and watched.
"Fear was meant to grow, feeding on itself, until Jared and Maggie watched for shadows of their own invention."
As Jared, fearing his own death is approaching, finds it harder to resist the very persistent Maggie, they also find a haunting presence guiding them along.
Will the Abbey's magic and the spirit of Christmas help Maggie and Jared find their happy ever after?

This was a actually a fairy complex romance novel. There was action, intrigue, comedy, suspense, mystery, hot romance, and paranormal activities all rolled up into one novel, not to mention a slight Christmas atmosphere.
Draycott Abbey is still as mysterious and charming as always. This one is an A.

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