A Thousand Steps

A Thousand Steps
A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

Monday, October 21, 2013


The Last Lord of Paradise by Vivian Lemay is a self published short story originally published in 2011.
This is a historical novella. The focus of this first part of a continuing saga, on Jeanne and Anton.

Jeanne, at the ripe old age of sixteen is allowed to marry Anton before he goes off to war. But once the war is ended, Anton does not return home. He is gone for nine long years. At last, Jeanne is reunited with Anton, and at first it was like the years had melted away. Anton is the leader of a small community and he hopes he and Jeanne will have be able to begin a family. But, Jeanne learns some disturbing things about her husband and is beginning to hear her name on the wind at odd moments.

This idea of a continuing a saga in parts is a good idea. I like the concept. There is a very vivid and atmospheric quality to the writing that opens up the minds eye and we are find ourselves in the mist hearing Jeanne's name being called out.
A feeling that something isn't right with Anton prevails. Why didn't he come for his young wife after the war? Why has he started up this township?
A series of events finally opens Anton's eyes, but by this time will it be too late?
This book is historical fiction, but also has a strong paranormal element to it as well.
I enjoyed the author's writing style and I am interested in continuing with the series. It's very different and unique, the author certainly has a good imagination.
Over all a good solid A.

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