A Thousand Steps

A Thousand Steps
A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

Monday, September 2, 2013


My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Eternally Yours by Jennifer Malin is a self published novel reissued in June 2013. This book was originally published in 2001, and is now available in digital format;. Lara has gotten the old Victorian house in the divorce settlement. An artist, Lara wants to do some renovations on the property to accommodate an art studio. However, she must first get permission from the historical society. Enter Mark, an author and historian. When Mark learns of Lara's plans, he is full of righteous indignation. He tries to explain to Lara that she can not do what she wants to this house. It would be an outrage. The two of them do nothing but clash from the word go. Lara figures her chances of getting a grant from the society are slim after Mark's reaction to her plans. So, she applies for a building permit. When word gets back to Mark that Lara still intends to go forward with her plans, he is once more infuriated. She had completely ignored his opinion and advice and had no respect for the historical value of the house that would destroyed by her project. But, when a secret room is found in the house and box of old letters that appears to have written by one of Mark's ancestors, Geoff, the two of them begin to forge an uneasy friendship. Both of them learn to compromise a little and Lara begins to rethink her stubborn plans for the studio. Geoff, listens in to Lara and Mark's conversations and finds out though the letters that in life, Geoff had left the love of his life in a major bind and may have been responsible for her death. Now, Geoff is cursed to live in limbo. But, when Lara and Mark hit a major bump in their new found romance, Geoff wants to redeem himself by helping the two overcome their differences, especially when outside forces work to keep them apart. A nice easy paranormal contemporary romance. I enjoyed the two stories of Geoff and his poetry and the old letters, and the story of Lara and Mark. Mark was off putting to say the least and made a very bad first impression. But, he admits he has to grow up emotionally, and when he realizes he has hurt Lara and may lose her for good, he rises to the occasion and more than redeems himself. Will Geoff be able to find peace at last? Will Mark and Lara finally get all their misunderstandings out in the open and make a life together? I enjoyed this book. I appreciate the author allowing me access to the book for an honest review. Overall a B.
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