A Thousand Steps

A Thousand Steps
A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

Sunday, September 15, 2013


My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Bone Deep by Debra Webb is a Pink House publication. This book was released in 2013. I picked this one up in the Kindle lending library.<br /><br />Jill's twin sister, Kate is in the hospital, horribly beaten, catatonic, and accused of killing her husband and hurting her child. But, Jill, an attorney, is certain there must be a mistake. Calling on an old friend for help, she is introduced to Paul. Paul is gifted with the extra sensory perception that enables him to get a feeling about what is going on with people. But, he is tormented by a mistake that cost people their lives. He no longer works for the FBI, but does his old friend a favor by meeting with Jill. Returning to her hometown, Jill is reminded of why she left in the first place. Her mother hasn't left her home since her father died, the mayor can't stand her and everyone else always confuses her with Kate. The entire town seems on edge, as though they know something about Kate and her son they aren't willing to share. Even Jill's mother behaves as if Jill should just drop the whole thing and quit making waves. The only person that seems to think Jill has a point, is Paul. However, the two of them don't really get off to a good start with one another. But, when Jill's probing gets the town stirred up, Jill finds she is in danger. One way or another Jill has to be shut up.  This was a taut suspense novel that reminds us that we should never forget the past. History can repeat itself and often does. So, before you begin to think the plot is so much science fiction, go back and do a little research about experiments on twins in the Nazi concentration camps. The premise was chilling. It is possible that some private organizations could fund such experiments today. Catering to those desperate for a child or to those who want the perfect child and are willing to pay for it, this novel opens up a plethora of very real possibilities. Even the name of the town, Paradise, seems to suggest some allegory. The suspense area of the book was fantastic. The romance however, was just not happening for me. The scene when the two finally act on their feelings was just flat out silly. These two had been through unbelievable sorrow and fear. It just didn't seem right for them to behave in such a manner and was out of character for both of them.  They deserved a more romantic scene. The ending was rushed also, in my opinion. While the author leaves us with a very unsettling thought, some things weren't not explained well enough for my satisfaction. Otherwise this would have been a five star rating. It still gets an A.
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