A Thousand Steps

A Thousand Steps
A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

Friday, April 12, 2013


3 of 5 stars
This release of All a Woman Wants by Patricia Rice is a re-release in e book format. This book was originally published in 2001. Thanks to Librarything for the early review digital copy. Beatrice finds herself alone trying to run her father's farming operation after his sudden death. She never even got to finish her education and now the farm is going to seed quickly. Her only option is to start selling things off in hopes of making payroll. Before she can think of any other way out of her dire situation, a brash American  with two small childen in tow, shows up looking for her Nanny who was recently deceased. Mac has his future mapped out. He is a businessman with no desire for the traditional family life. He wants to sail the seas and live a life of adventure. But before he sets sail for America he wants to check in on his sister. What he finds when he arrives at her home is unbelievable. He finds his beloved sister has died in childbirth and no one even tried to notify his family. The baby is found in the nursery screaming and wet and dirty with the maids explaining the father is drunk and passed out. So, Mac kidnaps the kids, and goes in search of a Nanny he was told about. What he finds instead is that the Nanny is dead. He then finds himself stricking a deal with the lovely lady Beatrice. She will allow him to stay there with his kids until he finds a proper nursemaid and he will teach her how to run the farm. Things go from bad to worse when the kid's father awakens to find his children gone and begins searching for Mac. Not only that, Bea's aunt arrives and manipulates Mac into agreeing to a marriage to Bea.  Bea doesn't want marriage, she wants an education and independence. These two people come from entirely different backgrounds, with different goals for their futures. Mac wants to proceed with his business and adventures, while Bea insist on staying on her land and working for the community. To make a relationship work, each will have to grow up and accept that life is full of compromises and will have to learn if their dreams are more important than a life with each other. Mac is a normal red blooded American male. He is like many men of the era, believing women belonged in the kitchen and bedroom and were otherwise in the way. He especially feels uncomfortable with real ladies. Bea is tired of being treated  as though she doesn't need an education, that she should marry someone to run the farm because a woman couldn't possibly be sucessful. Women should be knitting and having babies. The story was good, but there really wasn't alot going on sometimes. There were times when it seemed like we were stuck in a rut. The back and forth between Bea and Mac was drawn out a little too long before the action started to take place. The last several chapters were really action packed when Bea and Mac both were forced to stop over thinking everything and DO something one way or the other. Not the best historical of all time, but still enjoyable

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