A Thousand Steps

A Thousand Steps
A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

Thursday, November 18, 2021

FOODIE FRIDAY- Field Notes to Food Adventure by Brad Leone- Feature and Review



Join Brad Leone, star of Bon Appetit's hit YouTube series It's Alive, for a year of cooking adventures, tall tales, and fun with fire and fermentation in this cookbook with more than 80 ingenious recipes

Come along with Brad Leone as he explores forests, fields, rivers, and the ocean in the hunt for great food and good times. These pages are Brad’s field notes from a year of adventures in the Northeast, getting out into nature to discover its bounty, and capturing memorable ideas for making delicious magic at home anytime.
He taps maple trees to make syrup, and shows how to use it in surprising ways. He forages for ramps and mushrooms, and preserves their flavors for seasons to come. He celebrates the glory of tomatoes along with undersung fruits of the sea like squid and seaweed. Inspiration comes from hikes into the woods, trips to the dock, and cooking poolside in the dead of summer. And every dish has a signature Brad Leone approach—whether that’s in Sous Vide Mountain Ribs or Spicy Smoked Tomato Chicken, Sumac Lemonade or Fermented Bloody Marys, Cold Root Salad, Marinated Beans, or just a few shakes of a Chile Hot Sauce that’s dead simple to make.
This is a book about experimentation, adventure, fermentation, fire, and having fun while you’re cooking. And hey, you might just learn a thing or two. Let’s get going!


Field Notes for Food Adventure: Recipes and Stories from the Woods to the OceanField Notes for Food Adventure: Recipes and Stories from the Woods to the Ocean by Brad Leone
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Field Notes for Food Adventure: Recipes and Stories from the Woods to the Ocean by Brad Leone is a 2021 Voracious/ Little Brown & Co. Publication.

I love recipe books!! Sometimes I just like thumbing through them, looking at the lovely presentations and the unique ways of preparing food, I never would have thought of.

This book grabbed my attention because of the title. I have never seen the YouTube series, but I had an idea the author would introduce me to foods found in specific locations, that were perhaps, off the beaten path.

I thought it would be interesting to see what those unique ingredients and methods of preparation might be- and who knows, I might find something I could try, even if the ingredients were hard to find or didn’t grow in my neck of the woods.

I’m glad I gave the book a chance. As it turns out the author sticks mainly to locations in the Northeast- which is a long way away from me.

Still, I loved the unique adventures, and learned a lot about fermentation, fungus- aka- mushrooms- and maple syrup. I’ll have to take a pass on the squid, though.

This book has some interesting preparation methods, and I thought, as I was looking through it, that this one might be a big draw for those who enjoy fly fishing and hunting.

Truly, I think this book, is quite educational!!

As to finding a work around for these recipes- I would say- absolutely!!

No, I can’t get the ramp onions around here, and no I wouldn’t be able to get the exotic mushrooms, but there is no reason why one couldn’t prepare these dishes using some substitutes common in your region.

The book also made me think about visiting the Northeast someday- and I will have to find the time to check out the author’s YouTube channel- “It’s Alive!”

This is not the typical cookbook, or Recipe book. It has a gorgeous presentation, with vivid color photographs- including photos of the locale, which are incredible!

Overall, this is an enlightening, adventurous book for those who enjoy gathering ingredients in the great outdoors- from the woods and the oceans- as the title states.

It would also make a great Christmas gift!!



Brad Leone is an American chef and YouTube personality, known for "It's Alive with Brad" and It's Alive Goin' Places. 

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