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A Thousand Steps
A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Second Chance Cats: True Stories of the Cats We Rescue and the Cats Who Rescue Us- by Callie Smith Grant- Editor - Feature and Review



There's no feeling quite like that of getting a second chance and a fresh start. When we adopt a homeless cat--or that cat decides to adopt us--we're not just giving one of earth's most beautiful and inscrutable creatures a chance at a good life, we're giving ourselves the gift of companionship, solace, and love. And plenty of laughter too!

This heartwarming collection includes more than 30 true, contemporary stories told by a variety of writers, including Melody Carlson, Lauraine Snelling, and Kristin Billerbeck. Each feel-good story involves cat rescue, some in a typical way and others in surprising--even miraculous--ways. Sometimes the question becomes: Really, who rescued whom?

A thoughtful gift for the cat lover in your life, Second-Chance Cats is the purrfect companion for cozy nights, lazy weekends, and any time you need a pick-me-up.



Second-Chance Cats: True Stories of the Cats We Rescue and the Cats Who Rescue UsSecond-Chance Cats: True Stories of the Cats We Rescue and the Cats Who Rescue Us by Callie Smith Grant
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Second Chance Cats: True Stories of the Cats we Rescue and the Cats Who Rescue Us by Callie Smith Grant- Editor- is a 2020 Fleming H. Revell publication.

No need to explain why I wanted to read this book. I love cats and am always a sucker for the second chance theme- and happy endings!!

This book is a collection of true stories told in first person, by a variety of contributors, from all walks of life. Each short essay explains how a cat entered their lives, some only briefly, and some for long periods of time, and what impact the cat had on them. Some stories are a little bittersweet, some are inspirational, and some are just sweet stories about a cat that touched the writer in a special way or came to be a permanent part of their family.

As the title suggests, the cats featured in these stories are ones who were rescued, sometimes passing through the person’s life on their way to a longer term residence, and sometimes the writer is able to provide a permanent home for the cat. Yet, very often these cats are the ones doing the rescuing, help to heal and comfort their humans in times of stress, grief or illness- and everyone knows cats are good for our general well being.

I like to tell people that all my cats found me, not the other way around, and that is mostly true.

I have plenty of similar stories, dating back to my childhood, when cats just seemed to find me and stick around. I have tamed feral cats, rescued abandoned kittens, and even shared ownership of a cat with a neighbor once. As an adult, I only owned dogs for a long time before once again adopting a cat. Now, my cats outnumber the dogs- and the stories of how they came to live with us are as special to me as the ones printed in this book. It is for this reason, this book resonated with me, and I found myself nodding and smiling along, knowing how easily felines can worm their way into our hearts and lives.

There is nothing especially fancy about this compilation- the stories are short, told by real people, and are straightforward and simple, but always very heartfelt and sincere.

It goes without saying that cat lovers will not be able to resist these heartwarming stories featuring some very special feline friends.



Callie Smith Grant is the editor of A Prince among Dogs and A Dickens of a Cat. She is also the author of several nonfiction books for young readers and adults as well as many animal-themed stories and poems which can be seen in Guideposts anthologies and in magazines such as Small Farmers Journal.

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