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A Thousand Steps
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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

You've Got My Number by Angela Barton- Feature and Review


Three isn’t always a magic number 

There are three reasons Tess Fenton should be happy. One, her job at the Blue Olive deli is dull, but at least she gets to work with her best friend. Two, she lives in a cosy cottage in the pretty village of Halston. Three, she’s in love with her boyfriend, Blake. 

Isn’t she? 

Because, despite their history, Blake continues to be the puzzle piece in Tess’s life that doesn’t quite fit. And when she meets intriguing local artist Daniel Cavanagh, it soon becomes apparent that, for Tess, love isn’t as easy as one, two, three 



You've Got My NumberYou've Got My Number by Angela Barton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

You've Got My Number by Angela Barton is a 2020 Choc Lit publication.

A well-balanced story of life, love, and new beginnings!

Tess is feeling restless and unfulfilled. Her job is unsatisfying, and her relationship with her boyfriend, Blake, is in a deep rut. Just as Tess is gathering her strength to make some necessary changes in her life, she suddenly finds herself trapped, feeling forced to remain in a situation she desperately wants out of.

Then Tess meets Daniel and an undeniable chemistry develops between them, but Tess can’t act on her feelings, which only compounds her frustrations.

Meanwhile, Daniel is still beating himself up over something that took place in his past, while also dealing with a very stressful situation involving his sister. He and Tess both try to keep their feelings for each other on the unrequited side, each coping with personal problems they can't see a way out of.

Will Daniel and Tess remain as two ships that pass in the night or will fate intervene on their behalf?

Barton did a fantastic job with creating these characters. Tess and Daniel, of course, are a couple that is meant to be, but there are forces working to keep them apart.

There are other threads in the book that are not exactly cheerful but are a part of life and added a touch of brevity to the story. I really loved the way the story came together in the end. I love a book that can balance real life problems, develop a sweet love story, and then add the right amount of feel good emotions and humor, leaving me feeling very satisfied with my reading experience.





Angela Barton was born in London and grew up in Nottingham. Having signed publishing contracts for three of her completed novels with Choc Lit's imprint, Ruby Fiction, Angela is excited to be working alongside such a lovely and supportive team. She is looking forward to completing her fourth novel in the beautiful countryside of Charente.


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