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A Thousand Steps
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Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Nanny Clause- by Karen Rose Smith- Feature and Review


Three kids. One pregnant cat. And one perfect nanny... When Daniel Sutton's daughters rescue an abandoned calico, the hardworking attorney doesn't expect to be sharing his home with a litter of newborns! And the adorable kittens aren't his only houseguests. Animal shelter volunteer Emma Alvarez is transforming the lives of Daniel and his three girls. The first-time nanny is a natural with kids and pets. Will that extend to a single father ready to trust in love again?


The Nanny ClauseThe Nanny Clause by Karen Rose Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Nanny Clause by Karen Rose Smith is a 2019 Harlequin Special Edition publication.

A lovely story about how three adorable little girls and a pregnant cat brought two people together to create one big happy family-‘Fur-ever’!!

When Pippa, Penny, and Paris find a pregnant cat, their father, Dan Sutton, takes her to an animal shelter. There, they meet a shelter volunteer named Emma Alvarez. As a single father with a demanding career, Dan doesn’t think he can take on the responsibility of a caring for a pet, especially one expecting a litter of kittens.

However, he and his girls do check in with Emma to see how “Fiesta” the cat is doing. As Dan and the “Three P’s’” get to know Emma, Dan sees how well the girls respond to her. So, he offers her a job as their Nanny and she accepts the position. There are a few misunderstandings, and the girls are still coping with the way their mother left them, but things are working out very well…

Well, except that Dan and Emma are finding it hard not to give in to their mutual attraction to one another!

The cover of this book caught my attention right away! A basket full of kittens!! I love books that spotlight rescue pets in the story, so I had a good feeling about this book right from the start. The children featured in the story are also a big part of why the book is so sweet- and aren’t their names adorable??

But with all the pets, kids, and family dramas, it might sound like Emma and Dan would have a hard time finding sexy time, but the chemistry between them is just right and their feelings and sensuality develop in a healthy way.

The story is quite charming, and I was really enjoying the progress the family was making when – uh oh! A surprise twist came along- and it was a doozy!!

Can Emma and Dan accept these new developments and put old hurts behind them, or will circumstances force them to take a different path?

This is a gentle, heartwarming story, the kind that is good for your mind and heart, reminding us that in an imperfect world, love can provide the strength to forgive, and can find a way to heal broken hearts, bringing people together who are a purr-fect fit.


There are cats!!

Enough said!


Kindle Format available for pre-order. Release day- April 1, 2019



Karen is well-known for writing emotion-packed novels. An only child, she spent a lot of time in her imagination and with books--Nancy Drew, Zane Gray, The Black Stallion and Anne of Green Gables. She dreamt of brothers and sisters and a big family like her mother and father came from--seven children in her mom's family and ten in her dad's. On weekends she was often surrounded by aunts, uncles and cousins. This is the root of her plotlines that include small communities and family relationships as integral to everyday living. She believes universal emotions unite us all and that is the reason she employs them to propel her plots.

Contact her through her website www.karenrosesmith.com or KarenRoseSmithMysteries.com if you'd like to belong to her street team or her readers group on Facebook. She welcomes interaction with her readers on Facebook and Twitter, and would love to chat about plotlines, titles, emotions, heroes, heroines, music, books, gardening, cooking, or anything else readers deem noteworthy!

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