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A Thousand Steps
A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fixed in Fear by T.E. Woods- Feature and Review

The Fixer returns in the pulse-pounding Justice series—perfect for fans of Lisa Gardner, Karin Slaughter, and Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter thrillers—as worlds collide in an inferno of bloodshed, revenge, and holy terror.

I’ll probably never see my daughter again. And if I do, she’ll either be dead or in a jail cell.

Seattle Chief of Detectives Mort Grant cannot reconcile the memories of his vibrant, headstrong young daughter with the cold, deadly woman she has become. The head of one of the largest criminal enterprises in the world, Allie Grant seized power by wrenching it away from her lover, a notorious Russian gangster. How she maintains her control, Mort doesn’t even want to imagine.

Only two other people know the truth about Allie: the vigilante known as The Fixer, and Mort’s best friend, Larry, who’s undergoing a crisis of his own. Someone close to Larry, his last real connection to his beloved late wife, has been slain in a mass murder at a sweat lodge deep in the woods of Washington State. When word gets out, Mort immediately takes on the gruesome case.

But as Mort hunts down a pair of methodical killers, The Fixer does some deep digging of her own. And what she unearths will rock Mort’s family forever. Because The Fixer has set her sights on Allie Grant—and nothing will ever be the same again.


Fixed in Fear (Mort Grant #5)Fixed in Fear by T.E. Woods
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fixed in Fear by T.E. Woods is a 2015 Alibi publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I am so glad I discovered this series. It just keeps getting better and better.

An old friend of Mort’s comes to him for help when his deceased wife’s uncle is murdered, along with several others, and unwittingly discovers long held secrets and crimes in the process. This is a grisly, but compelling mystery that kept me interested in the story all by itself, but of course, there are much bigger issues at hand with the ongoing saga involving Lydia… aka “The Fixer” and Mort’s daughter, Allie.

Once more, Mort is caught in a tight trap where his daughter is concerned and reaches out to Lydia for help. There are no two characters in crime fiction like Lydia and Allie. They are alike, but not, and compete against each other, one on the dark side, and one in light… sort of, and man are these battles epic!! Lydia finds she has her hands full keeping tabs on Allie, but not only that, all the progress she’s made in reigning in her own dark impulses may all be for naught, if Allie makes good on her threats. It's exciting to watch these two match wits. ( I probably shouldn't admit that, but that's just my own dark and twisty side showing.)

This is one of the most unique crime drama’s out there. While I do love Mort, poor guy, it is always Lydia that manages to upstage him. Rich in details and cleverly plotted, this series is smart, very dark, but also humorous at times, and packs an emotional punch amid powerful crime syndicates, psychopaths, family ties, and deep friendships.

I really liked some of the characters introduced in this installment, like Rita, the police chief from a neighboring community. Rita and Mort traded barbs and provided some outstanding banter that lightened the mood and had me hoping Mort might someday see Rita again.

But, Mort’s life remains incredibly conflicted, while he tries to keep his family safe, and copes with his daughter’s ever increasing power and instability, an explosive and dangerous mix, that keeps him in constant turmoil. The irony of loving Lydia like a daughter, makes for one of the most intriguing psychological character studies I’ve encountered.

This installment is as riveting, suspenseful, and shocking as ever, with an emotional mystery, and the building battle of wills between Lydia and Allie, which is far from over.

The suspense is edge of your seat tense, the dialogue is smart, the plots are tightly woven and well written.

If you like crime dramas, psychological thrillers, and dark humor, ala Dexter, you have got to try out this series. I highly recommend you read the books in order in order to grasp the complex character dynamics, but trust me, you are going to love it.

5 stars!





Fear and violence come home to roost in this exhilarating Justice thriller featuring The Fixer—a roller-coaster ride for readers of Lisa Gardner, Karin Slaughter, and Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter novels.
I’ll bring Hadley home. Whatever it takes. Whatever it costs. Whoever has to die.

There’s a gang war unfolding on the streets of Seattle. A young boy has been killed in a drive-by shooting, and the ensuing chaos threatens to engulf the city. Normally, chief of detectives Mort Grant would be dealing with the fallout—but right now, his mind is elsewhere. . . .

In one gut-wrenching phone call, Mort’s worst fears are realized. His granddaughter Hadley has been kidnapped, and the culprit is his own flesh and blood: Allie, his daughter and Hadley’s aunt. Now, desperate for any sign of the missing six-year-old girl, Mort turns once again to the relentless vigilante called The Fixer for help.

After rising to the top of one of the largest criminal enterprises in the world, Allie Grant has turned her focus back on her family. But since they’ve rebuffed all her attempts at contact, she’s punishing them the only way she knows how. With an endless stream of cash and connections that span the globe, Allie makes a formidable target. But The Fixer boasts the deadliest weapon of all: her razor-sharp mind.


T. E. Woods is as eager as her fans to return to the thrilling world of the Justice series. She’s busy writing the next installment and is developing a new series set in Madison, Wisconsin.

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