A Thousand Steps

A Thousand Steps
A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Design For Murder by Jessica Fletcher, Donald Bain, and Renee Payley- Bain- Featurea and Review

In the newest in the USA Today bestselling mystery series, Jessica Fletcher visits New York City during fashion week, only to discover someone has rather fatal designs...

Jessica is in Manhattan to attend the debut of a new designer. Formerly Sandy Black of Cabot Cove, the young man has reinvented himself as Xandr Ebon, and is introducing his evening wear collection to the public and—more important—to the industry’s powers-that-be: the stylists, the magazine editors, the buyers, and the wealthy clientele who can make or break him. At the show, the glitz and glamour are dazzling until a young model—a novice, taking her first walk down the runway—shockingly collapses and dies. Natural causes? Perhaps. But when another model is found dead, a famous cover girl and darling of the paparazzi, the fashion world gets nervous.

Two models. Two deaths. Their only connection? Xandr Ebon. Jessica’s crime-solving instincts are put to the test as she sorts through the egos, the conflicts of interest, the spiteful accusations, and the secrets, all the while keeping an amorous detective at arm’s length. But she’ll have to dig deep to uncover a killer. A designer’s career is on the line. And another model could perish in a New York minute.


Design For Murder (Murder, She Wrote, #45)Design For Murder by Jessica Fletcher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My review for Murder, She Wrote: Design for Murder by Jessica Fletcher, Donald Bain, and Renee Paley Bain is a 2016 NAL publication.

This addition to the long-running TV tie-in series is a dependable installment that is pretty much par for the course and is basically what we’ve come to expect from this series. I don’t mean that in a bad way, either, because readers want the books to remain true to the characters we have come to know and love.
The mystery was solid, the characters were very well-drawn, and the story is entertaining. I recommend this book to those following the series or anyone who enjoys a clean cozy mystery.

This review is the copyrighted property of Night Owl Reviews. To read the entire review, click on this link: https://www.nightowlreviews.com/v5/Re...






Gambled Away- A Historical Romance Anthology featuring Molly O'Keefe

Playlist Story:

This is such a fun playlist because there are so many factors at work. First we had five different authors writing in five different worlds – from ancient China to the Wild West. Second, in each of the books one of the characters is gambled away (my very favorite historical romance trope). And finally like any good play list – there’s a fabulous mix of songs and genres! Including – of course – some Kenny Rogers. 


Joanna Bourne

Bill Leslie – “Pungo Gumbo”

Three Days Grace – “Get Out Alive”

The Highwaymen – “Highwaymen”

Isabel Cooper

Al Bowlly – “Midnight, The Stars and You”
Duke Ellington “Stardust”
Alison Krauss – “Down To The River To Pray”

Rose Lerner

Click Five - "The Flipside". Waiting for the day when I'm complete/without you, doing what I can to let you be. A rather passive-aggressive but genuinely sad song about a breakup is for my hero Simon and his ex-boyfriend Clement. 

The Pretenders - "Don't Get Me Wrong." I'm thinking about the fireworks that go off when you smile. This feels really right for the crush Maggie has on Simon at the beginning of the story: uncomplicated, sexy, eager and exhilarating.

Selena Gomez - "Good for You." Gonna wear that dress you like, skin-tight/Do my hair up real, real nice/And syncopate my skin to how you're breathing. This song is so hot, and the combination of confidence, longing, and dressing to impress feels really right for Maggie.

Molly O’Keefe

Johnny Cash – “Hurt” Oh, this is just one of the most painfully stark and beautiful covers ever. It’s a visceral description of addiction and loathing. It fits both James and Helen. 

Kenny Rogers – “The Gambler”  Too easy? Too much? Too totally on the nose? Yes. Probably. But I guarantee you will be singing this for the rest of the day.

Lesley Gore – “You Don’t Own Me.” I feel like this is Helen’s mantra as she’s forced to sing suspended in that birdcage.

Excerpt from All or Nothing by Rose Lerner:

Thought I'd post a teaser from one of my favorite scenes in my story...they've just arrived at Simon's ex-boyfriend's house party where Maggie is pretending to be Simon's mistress. (Maggie's gambling den has a 1790s theme so her clothes are a little poofier and more frou-frou than contemporary ones: http://regencyfashion.org/images/i-heid/nh5-6.jpeg)


She’d brought two enormous trunks of clothes with her, insisting they were necessary both for the charade and to prevent them from being stolen in her absence. “I’m sorry, I know I’m disgustingly particular,” she told the maid who’d come up with the trunks. “But all these petticoats have got to be hung up, and not pressed all together either.” Maggie darted a ruthless smile at Simon. “If you’ve got to squash something, squash HIS things.”

The maid smiled hesitantly, unwilling to risk annoying Simon.

The threat to his clothes did not annoy him. Nor did it annoy him that it looked as if a muslin factory had exploded over half the bed. Spangles, embroidery, stripes...all of which Maggie ignored to set out her hairpins on the dressing table, and her hairbrush and jewelry. Unwinding a shawl from around a little painted cut-glass perfume bottle, she set the bottle by the mirror as carefully as if it were a Crown Jewel. Simon felt dizzy, remembering the scent of tuberoses.

Men were SUPPOSED to be annoyed at being surrounded by a froth of femininity, weren’t they? But he wasn’t sure why. In this case 'froth' was not a strong enough word—the room was rapidly becoming a whipped custard, a meringue, or perhaps a many-layered trifle of femininity—and Simon just wanted to roll her into that cloud of muslin and kiss her. 

But he had resolved with himself not to. THAT was what annoyed him.

Kiss Me That Way by Laura Trentham - Release Blast + Giveaway

Enter to Win a $25.00 Amazon or B&N eGift Card

Cottonbloom #1
Laura Trentham
Releasing May 31st, 2016
St. Martin's Paperbacks

A river divides Cottonbloom in two: the upscale enclave on the Mississippi side and the rundown, rough and tumble side in Louisiana. They’re worlds apart—but nothing can build a bridge like love…

Cade Fournette never had it easy Cottonbloom. He stuck around long enough to raise his orphaned siblings and then hightailed it out West—and never looked back. Even though he’s made a success of himself in Seattle, Cade never lost the toughness and the angry edge that helped him survive down South. His only weak spot: the girl he left behind…

Monroe Kirby came from the wealthy side of town, but that didn’t protect her from her mother’s drinking—or her mother’s boyfriend. It was Cade who did that, on a long-ago hot September night, before he disappeared…along with a piece of her heart. Now Monroe is a physical therapist who can fight for herself, and it’s Cade who could use some conditioning when he makes an unexpected return back home. Will he and Monroe pick up where they left off and finally explore their mutual passion—or will the scars and secrets of the past divide them once more?

You left Cottonbloom without telling me. Without saying good-bye. I want to know why.” Monroe hadn’t meant for the words to come out at all, much less with such vehemence.
It was complicated.” Cade broke eye contact. “You were a good kid in a bad situation.”
Weren’t you a good kid in a bad situation?”
He shifted toward her, bracing a hand on the dash and laying his other arm over the back of her seat, invading her space. She didn’t retreat. His intensity spurred her heart rate into an erratic gallop, yet she wasn’t intimidated. Perhaps it was only echoes of the past, but he made her feel safe, even when he was the one she should be scared of.
I grew up fast and tough.” His voice contained more than a hint of warning.
You were nice to me,” she said softly.
Don’t fool yourself into thinking I’m nice. I wasn’t then, and I’m sure as hell not now.”
He ran a callused finger down her cheek, the rasp igniting her nerve endings like a flint. His hand continued south and wrapped itself in her braid, the slight tug on her scalp sending shivers through her body in spite of the sun bearing down on the truck. Her nipples felt tight, and she hoped her tight sports tank masked her sudden, inexplicable arousal.
He pulled her braid, forcing her toward him. She didn’t fight him. He dropped his face next to hers, his coarse beard hair caressing her cheek, his mouth close to her ear. “If I see something I want, I go after it and get it by any means necessary.”
How very Machiavellian.” She tried a laugh, but it came out more like a stuttering sigh. His scent hooked her even closer, and her lips grazed the outer rim of his ear.
He pulled back, his green-eyed gaze roving her face. She returned the favor, noting the faint brackets around his mouth, the crinkles at his eyes, the thick beard. A full-grown man. Yet was he so different from the boy she remembered?
Ovid.” The movement of his lips jammed the cogs of her brain. The word made no sense. Her confusion must have been obvious, because the mouth she stared at tipped up in the corners, deepening the grooves. “The Greek philosopher Ovid, not Machiavelli, actually wrote: The end justifies the means.”
Ovid. Of course.” Apparently, Monroe had slept through that philosophy class at Ole Miss. The fact that high-school dropout Cade Fournette was quoting Ovid made her wonder what other mysteries she might uncover if she went digging.
Just when she was ready to grab a shovel, he released her braid and slipped away. His limp was less pronounced as he took the stairs holding the cane parallel to the ground. Although he’d physically released her, she felt bound to him in some other fundamental way, incapable of tearing her eyes off him until he disappeared behind Sawyer’s front door. Even then, she sat, unable to drive away for a long minute.
How could the simple brush of Cade’s finger ignite a fire when other men left her cold? As her arousal ebbed, she realized something else. She’d just been manipulated by a master. He hadn’t explained why he left.
She spent the evening going through the motions of her life, eating when her stomach growled and heading to bed when her eyes felt heavy. A few short hours ago, her life had been tidy and predictable and boring. Cade Fournette’s return had spun her into chaos.

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Don't miss the next Cottonbloom romance 
coming June 2016

An award-winning author, Laura Trentham was born and raised in a small town in Tennessee. Although, she loved English and reading in high school, she was convinced an English degree equated to starvation. She chose the next most logical major—Chemical Engineering—and worked in a hard hat and steel toed boots for several years.

She writes sexy, small town contemporaries and smoking hot Regency historicals. The first two books of her Falcon Football series were named Top Picks by RT Book Reviews magazine. When not lost in a cozy Southern town or Regency England, she's shuttling kids to soccer, helping with homework, and avoiding the Mt. Everest-sized pile of laundry that is almost as large as the to-be-read pile of books on her nightstand.

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Every Fifteen Minutes by Lisa Scottoline- Feature and Review

Dr. Eric Parrish is the Chief of the Psychiatric Unit at Havemeyer General Hospital outside of Philadelphia. Recently separated from his wife, Caitlin, he is doing his best as a single dad to his seven-year-old daughter Hannah. His work seems to be going better than his home life, however. His unit at the hospital has just been named number two in the country and Eric has a devoted staff of doctors and nurses who are as caring as Eric is. But when he takes on a new patient, Eric's entire world begins to crumble. Seventeen-year-old Max has a terminally ill grandmother and is having trouble handling it. That, plus his OCD and violent thoughts about a girl he likes makes Max a high risk patient. Max can't turn off the rituals he needs to perform every fifteen minutes that keep him calm. With the pressure mounting, Max just might reach the breaking point. When the girl is found murdered, Max is nowhere to be found. Worried about Max, Eric goes looking for him and puts himself in danger of being seen as a "person of interest". Next, one of his own staff turns on him in a trumped up charge of sexual harassment. Is this chaos all random? Or is someone systematically trying to destroy Eric's life?

New York Times best selling author Lisa Scottoline's visceral thriller, Every Fifteen Minutes, brings you into the grip of a true sociopath and shows you how, in the quest to survive such ruthlessness, every minute counts.


Every Fifteen MinutesEvery Fifteen Minutes by Lisa Scottoline
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Every Fifteen Minutes by Lisa Scottoline is a 2015 St. Martin's Press publication.

While I have read enough of this author’s work to know better, I trusted her and fell right into every trap, followed every red herring and wound up totally gobsmacked!!

When the puzzle pieces began to click into place, the hair stood up on the back of my neck and I literally felt a chill run down my back. I know that sounds cliché’ but seriously, my body and mind went into shock.
What makes this story so unsettling, is the real possibility I could know a sociopath, even feel close to someone with a sociopathic personality. They are so smart, calculating, and cunning, with an impeccable ability to mimic concern and fake emotions. It's a possibility that might give me a few restless nights.
This is an impressive thriller, with lots of twists, and non-stop motion and suspense. This is recommended to those who enjoy Psychological thrillers and Mystery/Suspense.

This review is the copyrighted property of Night Owl Reviews. To read the full review, click on this link: https://www.nightowlreviews.com/v5/Re...




Lisa Scottoline is the New York Times bestselling author and Edgar award-winning author of 23 novels, including her latest, EVERY FIFTEEN MINUTES, which releases in April 2015. She also writes a weekly column with her daughter Francesca Serritella for the Philadelphia Inquirer titled "Chick Wit" which is a witty and fun take on life from a woman's perspective. 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Rogue- The Rogues of Ravensmuir- by Claire Delacroix (Deborah Cooke)- Feature and review


Seductive and mysterious, Merlyn was the laird of Ravensmuir — never had a man so stirred my body and soul. I gave myself to him — willingly, trustingly, passionately — and we soon wed. Then a horrible revelation emerged, shattering my innocence and my marriage...

Five years later, Merlyn returned to my doorstep, desperate for my help. The scoundrel swore he was haunted by memories of me, that a treasure locked in Ravensmuir could clear his name. Yet I could not surrender to his will again. Now he is said to be murdered and Ravensmuir has fallen into my hands.

But even as I cross the threshold of this cursed keep, I hear his whisper in the darkness, feel his caress in the night, and I know that Merlyn has told me but part of his tale. Should I do as is right and expose his lair? Or dare I trust my alluring but deceptive spouse - the rogue who destroyed my heart?

— Ysabella

The Rogue (The Rogues of Ravensmuir, #1)The Rogue by Claire Delacroix
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Rogue by Claire Delacroix (Deborah A. Cooke) is a 2014 publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
I was intrigued by the combination of historical romance, colored with Gothic elements, and a paranormal tint, that this book promised, in a medieval setting, no less! I had a feeling this book was right up my alley and I was right.

Merlyn marries Ysabella in a rush, as he immediately desires her and wants her for his own. However, Ysabella soon discovers her husband’s dark secrets and flees Ravensmuir. Merlyn does not attempt to lure her back and five long years pass, before he appears to Ysabella, pleading with her to help him.

Furious with him, but sorely tempted to succumb to his charms, Ysabella refuses him, only to lose him forevermore when he is found murdered. But, perhaps most shocking of all, is that Ravensmuir is now belongs to Ysabella.

Now life will be much easier for Ysabella, her sister, and young brother. But, upon arrival at Ravensmuir, Ysabella is greeted by an old enemy and will find the walls of Ravensmuir are haunted with more secrets than she could ever imagine…

First of all, I loved all the character’s names, which gives the story a real Medieval quality, and the way Ysabella narrates the story feels so authentic.

There is mystery, suspense, a slight paranormal tinge, as well as plenty of secrets, intrigue, and double crosses, but of course there is also a love story that endures many hardships, but one that will triumph in the end.

Ysabella is one stubborn lady, and at times she carries things a little too far. She barely knows her husband when they marry, and immediately he begins to behave oddly, which gives her reason to believe he has lied to her, and is involved in a dishonest trade.

Unable to live with him under those circumstances, she leaves him, never giving him an opportunity to tell his version of events.

Naturally, there was much more to the story than Ysabella knows, and now the secrets entombed in Ravensmuir will reveal her husband’s true nature.

Ysabella and Merlyn suffer from that age old problem… a failure to communicate. While Ysabella comes off as a bit self-righteous, if her husband had confided in her to begin with, things might not have spiraled out of control. Naturally, Ysabella was annoyingly stubborn, to the point of overkill, and the conflict did linger on longer than need be, both characters were in the wrong.

But, it was fun seeing all the secrets they both held slowly reveal themselves and watch them fall in love all over again.

But, the love story is only part of the story, which is very absorbing, rich in details, and loaded with drama and mystery.

Overall, this is my kind of story. I love Medieval stories with the Gothic and paranormal elements included, and this story has all that, plus a little bit of fiery passion to put the icing on the cake.



Deborah Cooke sold her first book, a medieval romance which was published under the pseudonym Claire Delacroix, in 1992. Since then, she has published over fifty romance novels in a wide variety of subgenres, including historical romance, paranormal romance, time travel romance, fantasy romance, contemporary romance, fantasy with romantic elements and paranormal young adult with paranormal elements. She makes her home in Canada with her husband. When she isn't writing or reading, she can be found knitting, sewing or hunting for vintage patterns.

Deborah is currently working on a new paranormal romance series featuring dragon shifters, and a new contemporary romance series, both launching in 2016. She also writes medieval romance as Claire Delacroix and is writing the Champions of Saint Euphemia series.

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Inseverable by Cecy Robson- A Carolina Beach Novel- Pre-Order Now! Only $2.99 for a limited time

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Carolina Beach #1
Cecy Robson
Releasing June 21st, 2016

How can you imagine forever with someone who's leaving everything behind?

Callahan, a former army sniper, wants to make an escape from his past and everything he experienced at war, but most of all, just not feel. Feeling leads to pain and he's suffered enough. When he inherits a house on South Carolina's Kiawah Island, he packs his bags, lured by the peace and seclusion he thinks it will bring. But, Callahan never counted on meeting anyone like Trinity . . .

Trinity has always been the cute, and funny one, who most guys overlook inpursuit of her "hot" friends. She became used to being everyone's pal, until the day the young man she was attracted to, was drawn to her in return. He became her first great love, and first crushing heartbreak when she found him in bed with one of her closest friends.

To move forward, and to carry out her commitment to helping those in need, Trinity enlists in the Peace Corps, but not before returning to Kiawah for one last memorable summer. She just never imagined it would be so unforgettable.

Callahan doesn't want to get close to anyone-let alone Trinity. He finds her perkiness insufferable and her attempts to entice a smile distracting. After all, he's in Kiawah to leave all feelings behind. But when it comes to Trinity, who feels everything, it's hard not to feel something.

Neither expected to fall in love. And no one could have predicted how inseverable they'd become.

Pre-Order Now

CECY ROBSON is the New Adult and Contemporary author of the Shattered Past series, the O’Brien Family novels, and the award winning author of the Weird Girls Urban Fantasy Romance series. A self-proclaimed professional napper, Cecy counts among her talents a jaw-dropping knowledge of useless trivia, the ability to make her hair big, and a knack for breaking into song, despi4e her family’s vehement protests. A full-time writer, registered nurse, wife, and mother living in the South, Cecy enjoys spending time with her family and silencing the yappy characters in her head by telling their stories.

Don't forget to pick up Cecy's Newest Release, 
O'Brien Series 

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Rebel Warrior by Regan Walker- Feature and Review

“Master storytelling transports you to medieval Scotland!”
Paula Quinn, NY Times Bestselling Author

When your destiny lies far from where you began

Scotland 1072

The Norman Conqueror robbed Steinar of Talisand of his noble father and his lands, forcing him to flee to Scotland while still recovering from a devastating wound. At the royal court, Steinar becomes scribe to the unlettered King of Scots while secretly regaining his skill with a sword.

The first time Steinar glimpses the flame-haired maiden, Catrìona of the Vale of Leven, he is drawn to her spirited beauty. She does not fit among the ladies who serve the devout queen. Not pious, not obedient and not given to stitchery, the firebrand flies a falcon! Though Catrìona captures Steinar’s attention, he is only a scribe and she is promised to another.

Catrìona has come to Malcolm’s court wounded in spirit from the vicious attack on her home by Northmen who slayed her parents and her people. But that is not all she will suffer. The man she thought to wed will soon betray her.


When all is lost, what hope is there for love? Can a broken heart be mended? Can a damaged soul be healed? Rebel Warrior (Medieval Warriors #3)Rebel Warrior by Regan Walker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

 Rebel Warrior by Regan Walker is a 2016 publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Anytime I sit down to read a book by Regan Walker I know I’m in for a real treat. I love Medieval romances, but I enjoy a lot more when the author has worked to add significant authenticity to the story.
I love being swept away to a faraway time and place and losing myself in the traditions, customs, language, and dress of the period.

In this third installment in the Medieval Warriors series, the focus is on the long journey to true love for Steiner of Talisand and Catriona of the Vale of Leven.

As the story opens a brutal battle leaves Catriona an orphan and plagued by nightmares. Her betrothed has given her time to grieve, but after a year of mourning, Catriona joins Malcom’s court as one of the Queen’s ladies, hoping to reunite with her fiancé and move forward with her life.

However, upon arrival at court, she is dismayed to find her fiancé is once more attempting to postpone the wedding.

Meanwhile, Catriona has caught the attention of Steiner, a scribe recovering from a serve injury. The pair forms a friendship while working on a mission assigned to them by the queen. When events unfold exposing a heartbreaking betrayal, Catriona is devastated. Can Steiner’s love for her win her heart and heal her soul?

I love the intrigue at court and this story has plenty of machinations, on top of hard fought battles and a few star crossed relationships that must be worked out before everyone can settle into the life they should have.

The author did a fabulous job of creating tension and suspense, causing me worry constantly about Catriona and Steiner as it would seem fate is bent on keeping them apart. They will overcome many obstacles, face many challenges, but their love is one that will not back down in the face of adversity.

The vividly painted characters came alive and kept me riveted to the story, and fully engaged in the plot. I loved Catriona’s spirit, her refusal to conform, as she blazed trails in her own way, while staying true and obedient and loyal to her queen.

Steiner is a true hero, a man with brains, talent, and great will power, but also a gentleman with a tender heart who loves his fiery lady and will fight for her love, her safety, and the honor of holding her heart.

The supporting cast is amazing, with villains and schemers, righteous ladies, and gallant men, and even a loyal dog to top it all off. The pacing is near perfect with all the threads coming together perfectly, giving us a rousing, inspiring, and sweet conclusion.

There is just something special about the medieval period that feels so much more romantic, even if it’s a little brutal and grittier, depicting harsh times, the love stories are all the more special because of the trials faced, the jostling for power, position and wealth that can interfere, causing unbearable suspense and high drama, but creating sweeping, epic love stories in which no other era of time can compete.

While Regan Walker can write quite prolifically in other historical periods, I must say this has got to be her forte, hands down. She does incredible in depth research, which capture this era of time perfectly, giving me the true sensation of traveling back in time.

This is another outstanding addition to this series and I am very excited to read more about these characters and future generations.





I am an avid reader/reviewer of historical romance. And, a published author of Regency, Georgian and Medieval romance. Check out my website: www.reganwalkerauthor.com, and my blog, Historical Romance Review: reganromancereview.blogspot.com.

I hope my stories will sweep you away to another time and another place for history, adventure and love.

Incapable - Part One- by Marie Skye- Book Blast + Giveaway

Enter to Win a $25.00 SEPHORA Gift Card

Incapable Part One
Marie Skye
Re-Release May 25th, 2016



Everything I ever had is gone. Ripped away, taken before I was ready. So I just hid. Hid in the shadows, hoping to disappear, blending in, fade away. I didn't want to be found, and I sure as hell didn’t want, to be discovered.

But one man did. He saw me. Saw right through me.
He's overbearing, egotistical, and did I mention a total asshole?
When I'm with him, I want to scream, Punch him,
And then have him rip my clothes off.

I gave him one night.
He wants more.
And so do I.
I'm his.
Grayson Mandrake owns me.


I take, because I can.
I claim, because I can.
She was mine the moment I saw her,
And I will destroy her soul to keep her. Have her. Own her.

I'm ruthless,
And relentless,
A total asshole.
And I will do anything for her.
Emmalin Ross is mine.


Marie Skye currently resides in Austin, Texas. She's always wanted to be a writer, and one day decided 'why not?' She's a sucker for all things romance, but also loves those stories that are dark and twisted, and makes you think to yourself "what would people say if they knew I read stuff like this?" They would be jealous. Visit her on Facebook, her Facebook Group or Website. 

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Clawback- An Ali Reynolds Mystery- by J.A. Jance- Feature and Review

In New York Times bestselling author J.A. Jance’s latest thriller, Ali Reynolds faces her most controversial mystery yet, solving the murder of a man whose Ponzi scheme bankrupted hundreds of people, and left them seeking justice…or revenge.

When Ali’s parents lose their life savings to a Ponzi scheme, her father goes to confront his long-time friend and financial advisor, only to stumble into the scene of a bloody double homicide. With her father suddenly a prime suspect, Ali and her husband work to clear her father’s name, while at the same time seeking justice for her parents as well as the scheme’s other suddenly impoverished victims, one of whom is a stone cold killer.



Clawback (Ali Reynolds, #11)Clawback by J.A. Jance
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Clawback by J. A Jance is a 2016 Touchstone publication.

This eleventh installment in the Ali Reynolds series charged from the gate with a harrowing situation involving Ali’s father, Bob, who discovers a double homicide and is arrested for the crime. But, what is really bothering Bob isn’t his trouble with law enforcement, it’s the Ponzi scheme that has cost him and his wife their life savings that has him feeling heartsick.

Can Ali track down the real killers and recover some of her parent’s money in the process?

Because I’ve come to know these characters I really felt sorry for Ali’s parents, Bob in particular, who really came down on himself pretty hard. I could feel his age creeping up on him as he carried a tremendous weight on his shoulders. Ponzi schemes are such a personal affront, and is one of the worst kind of selfish crimes, which hurts everyone, but really hits the elderly hardest, since they are often forced back into the work force at a time when they should be enjoying retirement without financial worries.

But, Edie is still a hoot, though, and supports Bob from start to finish only complaining when he drove her car.

The mystery is not all that much of a mystery, since it is obvious who the killer is, but it is the suspense comes from Ali’s search for the truth and her hope of recovering her parent’s hard earned money, thus putting herself and perhaps others in danger. I enjoyed the complexities and details in this story, especially the technical parts, which gave my brain a little something to chew on, but there is no shortage of action.

This story gave all the characters a chance to shine, although B. seemed a little left out of the loop in this one and he and Ali didn’t have their usual chemistry.

Still, this a fast paced addition to this beloved series, and drew me in a little closer to the characters, and gave me a new insight into Bob and Edie’s life, and a chance to get better acquainted with some of the other characters, especially Cami, who steals the show a little bit. Overall, I highly recommend this one to fans of the series. I don’t think you will be disappointed.






Judith Ann Jance is the top 10 New York Times bestselling author of the Joanna Brady series; the J. P. Beaumont series; three interrelated thrillers featuring the Walker family; and Edge of Evil, the first in a series featuring Ali Reynolds. Born in South Dakota and brought up in Bisbee, Arizona, Jance lives with her husband in Seattle, Washington, and Tucson, Arizona.

* J.P. Beaumont
* Joanna Brady
* Ali Reynolds
* Walker Family

Monday, May 23, 2016

Poisonous- A Max Revere Novel- by Allison Brennan- Feature and Review

Teen-aged Internet bully Ivy Lake fell off a cliff and few people cared ... except her mentally-challenged eighteen-year-old step-brother, Tommy. He loved her in spite of her cruelty. He's distraught and doesn't understand why his blended family is falling apart. After a year, the police still have no answers: Ivy could have jumped, could have been pushed, or it could have been an accident. With too many suspects and not enough evidence, the investigation has grown cold.

Tommy thinks that if someone can figure out what happened to his step-sister, everything will go back to normal, so he writes to investigative reporter Maxine Revere. This isn’t the type of case Max normally takes on, but the heartbreak and simple honesty in Tommy's letter pulls her in. She travels to Corte Madera, California, with her assistant David Kane and is at first pleased that the police are cooperative. But the more Max learns about Tommy and his dysfunctional family, the more she thinks she’s taken on an impossible task: this may be the one case she can’t solve.

If Ivy was murdered, it was exceptionally well-planned and that kind of killer could be hiding in plain sight ... planning the next act of violence. Max believes the truth is always better than lies, that the truth is the only thing that matters to gain justice for victims and their families. But for the first time, she wonders if this time, the truth will kill.


Poisonous (Maxine Revere, #3)Poisonous by Allison Brennan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Poisonous by Allison Brennan is a 2016 Minotaur publication.

This is a complex crime novel, very compelling, emotional, sad, and quite disturbing on many levels. The characters are complicated, but interesting, with heavy concerns weighing on their minds, which certainly gave me plenty to think about. The pacing is just a little slow at times, and the family drama occasionally took precedence over the investigation, but the threads all come together in the end, with a dramatic showdown that will hopefully be a wake-up call for those involved.
This is a solid crime novel worth checking out, even if you have not been following the series. This story will appeal to anyone who enjoys mysteries or suspense thrillers.

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Allison Brennan believes that life is too short to be bored, so she had five children and writes three books a year.

Allison has penned more than two dozen thrillers and many short stories. RT Book Reviews calls Allison “a master of suspense” and her books “haunting,” “mesmerizing,” “pulse-pounding” and “emotionally complex.” RT also said that "The Lucy Kincaid/Sean Rogan books are getting better and better!"

The third book of the Maxine Revere cold case mystery series, POISONOUS, will be out in April, 12, 2016. POISONOUS follows NOTORIOUS and COMPULSION.

The 10th book in the Lucy Kincaid series, NO GOOD DEED, is out now. THE LOST GIRLS will be out in November, 2016.

COLD SNAP, was a finalist for Best Thriller in the Thriller Awards (ITW) and FEAR NO EVIL won the Daphne du Maurier award. Allison has been nominated multiple times for RWA's Best Romantic Suspense award, and the Kiss of Death's Daphne award.

Allison lives in Northern California with her husband, five children, and assorted pets.

Hostage by Jamie Begley- Release Blast + Giveaway

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Predators #3
Jamie Begley
Releasing May 23rd, 2016
Young Ink Press

The Enforcer’s Oath: Protect the club at all costs.

Jackal made an enemy out of Penni when he kidnapped her years ago. He let her go, never imagining she would take a piece of his soul with her. Now protecting Penni against a former brother will force him to place the club against her once again.

She may be the Hostage, but he’s the one held captive by the lust she refuses to admit binds them together.

She thinks The Last Riders and another man will be all the protection she needs to end the tug of war between them. However, he’s never lost a battle, especially against a tiny blonde with an attitude, begging him to teach her that her place is under him.

To end the battle, he’s going to have to reclaim the piece of soul she stole from him or claim a part of her soul as prisoner.

When a predator takes you hostage, you’re his forever.


Then you better start. The Road Kingz aren’t like the Predators; they don’t give a damn that King ordered Henry and the Predators to watch out for you.”

I don’t—”

Shut up!”

The sound of Jackal’s boots striding across the floor had her backing up to the wall.

Jackal braced his hand on the wall near her head. “The only reason those men haven’t already gang raped you is because of Hennessy.”

Shocked speechless, Penni reached for her own throat.

Instead of using your head and bargaining with them, what did you do? You fucking told them you could identify who took off with their money and drugs!”

How was I supposed to know?” Penni interrupted another long-winded rant then quickly changed her mind at the contemptuous sneer that reminded her of Shade when he was angry.

That know-it-all brother of yours should have warned you!”

She trembled as Jackal ran his hand down the curve of her cheek, coming to a rest on the curve of her breast.

He lowered his head, placing it next hers. “I swore I would let you get out of this mess yourself.”

Why didn’t you?” she whispered.



Jamie Begley grew up in a very small, and a very rural town in Kentucky. Growing up poor was hard but she would go back if she could just to get that feeling of going to the corner and popping open a soda.

For now her days are spent writing, writing, and writing.

She would like all her fans to know one thing, “All my books are written for one purpose- the enjoyment others find in them, and the expectations of my fans that inspire me to give it my best.” 

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