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A Thousand Steps
A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

Monday, November 16, 2015

I Do by A.J. Pine Release Day Blitz

You are cordially invited to celebrate the release of I DO!

Duncan McAllister is marrying Elaina Tripoli tomorrow. Except—he’s missing. Jordan, Noah, Griffin, Maggie, and Miles arrive in Greece for the festivities to find frantic messages from both the bride and groom. Noah and Griffin set off to find Duncan while Jordan, Maggie, and Miles try to salvage what should be a day of celebration before the wedding.

But the Americans have their own baggage.  Noah's got a surprise planned for Jordan that has to go perfectly. Griffin's keeping life-changing news from Maggie. And Miles- well, he wasn't looking for love on this trip until a Greek sous chef named Alex rocks his world. 

The race is on for Duncan to make it back to Elaina before she decides not to take him back at all. For Noah to make sure his monumental plan goes off without a hitch.  For Griffin to tell Maggie the truth without losing her.  For Miles to admit that letting himself fall in love is worth the risk.

Happily Ever After waits at the finish line...if the four couples can make it on time.

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I Do (If Only..., #3)I Do by A.J. Pine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I Do by A.J. Pine is a 2015 Entangled: Embrace publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

These days  I run for the hills if someone mentions 'New Adult', and I admit I didn't realize this book fell into that category when I requested it from Netgalley.

However, this one turned out to be a pretty enjoyable read filled with unexpected humor and some very nice romantic gestures between established couples going through some of life's ups and downs as best they can.

As friends of Duncan and Elaina prepare for their wedding in Greece, trouble begins to brew when the groom goes missing making his fiance fear the worse. But, Noah and Griffin go in search of the groom, believing he didn't have a change of heart, but could be in some sort of trouble. In the meantime, the other couples are going through some life changes of their own and will have to learn to work together to keep their relationships balanced and healthy.

The trademark for New Adult is the various first person perspectives and this story was no exception, which means each character got a voice, which is great, but, because there were so many characters, it could be a little much at times, since this book is not all that long. It was like everyone was talking at once sometimes.

But, overall, what won me over was the humor, the very real problems the characters faced, and how the characters learned to approach their issues with maturity. Elaina is a little bit of a tough nut to crack, but I thought she and Duncan did great, plus I loved his Scottish brogue.
There are sweet and sentimental moments, some character growth, and sexy times too, with a little something for everyone. I think some contemporary romance lovers will enjoy this one too, since it's so charming and fun and the angst isn't over the top and the plot is refreshingly mature for New Adult.

3.5 stars

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About the author:

AJ Pine writes stories to break readers' hearts, but don't worry - she'll mend them with a happily ever after. As an English teacher and a librarian, AJ has always surrounded herself with books. All her favorites have one big commonality-romance. Naturally, her books have the same. When she's not writing, she's of course reading. Then there's online shopping (everything from groceries to shoes) and a tiny bit of TV where she nourishes her undying love of vampires and superheroes.

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