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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Better Date Than Never by Susan Hatler- Books 7-10 -Book Tour + Giveaway

Book Blurb:
Better Date than Never Boxed Set (Books 7-10)

This book bundle includes four contemporary romance books (one novel and three novellas) from the bestselling series, Better Date than Never. Dating is so much easier when you have good friends to lean on. . . 

Better Date than Never Boxed Set (Books 7-10)Better Date than Never Boxed Set by Susan Hatler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Better Date Than Never Box Set- Books 7-10 is a 2015 Halco publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This box set contains four stories in the super popular Better Date than Never Series by Susan Hatler. For the sake of time and space, I have chosen to review Deja Date- Book nine in the series.

This is story centers around Melinda, a young woman who lost her father in a freak accident and whose mother never quite recovered from it. Now Melinda is going through a very rough patch due to losing her job when all of a sudden a golden opportunity falls into her lap.

The bakery that was such a big part of Melinda's life is on the market and all she needs to do is claim her share of the inheritance her father left her, which shouldn't be a huge problem. But, when she approaches her mother about the situation, she finds her world turned on it's axis.

The first issue Melinda faces is Nate's return home after a lengthy absence. She had been in love with Nate years ago, but after sharing an intimate moment, he left with his mother and never contacted her again. Now, Nate wants a second chance, but it seems the of them are like polar opposites.

But, the biggest obstacle she faces in regards to the bakery is the Carpe Diem her father added to his will, a development she hadn't counted on. Without much of a choice, Melinda begins working her way down the list, but the message her father was trying to send is more of impediment that she originally thought, and it looks like she could lose everything she ever wanted.

This is a charming story about letting go of one's guilt and grief and learning to step out of your comfort zone and take a few risk, and really living life with gusto.

Nate is a real keeper in this book and he does the absolute best thing for Melinda by making a compromise that, well, frankly was more fitted to who Melinda really is deep down. I don't know if she was ever the adventurous type, even before her dad's death, so there were times when I felt she was pushed into being someone she really wasn't. Therefore, I could see her point of view and understood why she was skeptical about Nate. Still, she does learn a lot about herself with a little intervention from a surprising source. I loved how everything came together in the end.

Overall this is a short, sweet, and heartwarming, and feel good kind of story.

4 stars.

All of the books in this delightful series are short and sweet, some with more heart tugging moments, like this one, but others having a lighter tone, with a touch of humor. I have read most of the books in this series and absolutely love them. These stories never fail to give me a little 'pick me up', no matter what kind of day I'm having.

I recommend this series for every one, and although some of these stories are connected, all of them can be read as a stand alone.

(Driven to Date, Book 7)

When Jill Parnell’s promotion is nabbed by nepotism, she is offered another position on the partner-track, by pretending to date Ryan—the man who got her job.

(Up to Date, Book 8)

Ginger Nielsen donates her decorating services to a charity auction and now must work for the one man with the power to break her heart.

(Déjà Date, Book 9)

Melinda Morgan must complete her dad’s challenging Carpe Diem list in time to buy her beloved neighborhood bakery, but her plan gets complicated when the owner’s son, who broke her heart, comes back to town.

(Date and Dash, Book 10)

Mary Ann Nielsen, an impulsive blonde beauty, accidentally bids on the wrong auction item and must use her winning bid to go on a reality TV dating show and pretend to be in love with sexy but irritating risk management analyst Trevor Brooks in order to win enough money to buy back her beloved grandmother’s bracelet.

Also be sure to get the USA Today Bestseller, Better Date than Boxed Set (Books 1-6). Happy reading!!

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Author Bio:

SUSAN HATLER is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, who writes contemporary romance and young adult novels. Visit Susan at www.susanhatler.com


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