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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sweet Cowboy Christmas by Candis Terry- A Book Review

Mistletoe, holly, and cowboys, oh my! Christmas in Texas has never been sweeter.

Years ago, Chase Morgan traded in his dusty cowboy boots for the shimmering lights of New York City and a fast track up the corporate ladder. But when his shiny life is turned on end just in time for Christmas, Chase knows he needs to re-evaluate even if that means going home to Texas to endure his least favourite holiday.

When Mr. Tall, Dark, and Smoking Hot walks through her door at the Magic Box Guest Ranch, Faith Walker sees just another handsome, rich exec looking to play cowboy for a week-at her expense. She’s sure the grumpy, but sexy as hell Scrooge will put a crimp in her holly jolly plans. Until a sizzling kiss has her seeing him in a new light.

Chase is haunted by secrets, and even though it goes entirely against her “hands off the guests” rule Faith is tempted to help him leave the past behind. As the magic of the season swirls around them, she is determined to succeed because now she is certain one sweet, cowboy Christmas will never be enough...

My Review:

Sweet Cowboy Christmas (Sweet, Texas, #3.5)Sweet Cowboy Christmas by Candis Terry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sweet Cowboy Christmas by Candis Terry is a 2014 Avon Impulse publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

This a short, but sweet contemporary western romance centered around the magical small town holiday season.

It's Christmas at the Magic Box Guest Ranch and Faith has thrown herself into making the place festive for the season. When a tall, dark, and handsome man arrives , obviously another rich, entitled person, Faith is initially unimpressed.

Chase is from Texas but moved to the big apple to pursue life as a top corporate executive. But, the fast paced world he lives in begins to take a serious toll. It's time to slow down, so Chase takes a little vacay to Sweet, Texas which not too far from his hometown of Stephenville.

With Chase being the only guest, it's easy for Faith to get to know him a little better, which leads to the temptation of getting overly involved with a guest, which of course is a big no-no.

Chase is dealing with some really big issues in his life and it looks like now is the time to deal with them, and there is no better place on earth than Sweet, Texas and Magic Box Guest Ranch to start fresh, especially if Faith is there to believe in him.

It's not too often a person opens a book at random and finds their small town is featured prominently in the story. I happen to live in Stephenville, and yes, it is the cowboy capital of the world. So, I couldn't help finding this story especially charming.

Faith learned a long time ago where her priorities in life lay. She had the chance to mingle with highly talented successful people, who held a certain disdain for those who crave a simpler way of life. But, finding out how her colleagues and one man in particular viewed her small town roots, she decided it was not the life for her.

I think Chase's story is a fairly a common one. Sometimes folks from smaller communities think they need to leave to pursue life in the fast lane. It all seems great when the money, power and attention from super-models all starts flowing in. But, as Chase learns the hard way he can only continue on that path for so long before it starts to catch up with you.

Although Chase has some tough memories to face by returning home, he learns a valuable lesson about life and suddenly the glitz and glamor of New York no longer holds his interest. Instead, the little ranch in Sweet, TX and the wonderful owner and operator of the ranch just might give Chase a second lease on life, one that will bring him satisfaction, instead of a hallow, shallow existence.

I liked the message the author was sending out in this one. The conflicts were not over done and the obstacles the couple faced were easily remedied. Sometimes this is refreshing and the holiday backdrop seemed help create a pleasing comfort to this light and endearing romance.
This one is 4 stars.

Growing up in Southern California, I was too busy reading books, hanging out at the beach, or finding ways to have a good time that wouldn’t land me on restriction to even consider writing a book. Oddly enough, a college drama teacher (who politely discouraged my inept acting abilities) encouraged me to develop the A+ character bio I’d created into a complete story. Right. Years later, in the midst of a bleary-eyed all-nighter (rocking my newborn, that is), I picked up a romance novel and fell in love with more than just the infant in my arms.

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