A Thousand Steps

A Thousand Steps
A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Death Bed by Leigh Russell is the fourth book in the Geraldine Steel detective series. This book was originally published in 2011 and has now been released by William Morrow/ Witness Impulse in digital format. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

Geraldine has taken a new position in London working for "The Met." She strikes up a friendship with her new partner, Sam. Their first case involves the death of a young black girl. Then another young black girl is reported missing. Although the girls had nothing in common other than their race, Geraldine is convinced the cases are connected.
With the limited amount of time she has to spare, Geraldine tries to keep in touch with her adoptive sister and search for her birth mother.
Naturally, Geraldine has some problems adjusting to the new office atmosphere and her new partner has her feeling a little awkward.
The search for her mother has been derailed for the moment, but Geraldine is nothing if not stubborn. She intends to meet her mother someday... period.

I love this series. The story is a no nonsense police procedural that seems to mimic real life police work. I feel like I'm working on the case right along with the Geraldine. This case is sensitive as well as lurid. The victims were chained up and body parts were amputated. While the killer appears to initially only pick girls, he kills indiscriminately.
There is pressure to wrap the case up and at least one suspect could be charged although Geraldine is sure they aren't involved with the murders.
Going door to door interviewing neighbors, interviewing the victims family and friends, interrogating suspects, dealing with office politics all gives the story gritty authenticity.
In this chapter, we follow Geraldine professionally more than privately, but I got the feeling that things are going to get interesting when it comes to her search for her birth mother and her planned confrontation. I can't wait to read the next book in the series!
This one is an A.

Geraldine Steel's very first interview!

I am beyond grateful that THE Geraldine Steel has taken time out of her crime busting schedule to answer a few questions for us. As you know, Geraldine is very dedicated to her job and is always hard at work solving crimes.  So, this is a very special interview! Thanks Geraldine for joining us today!
1) How are adjusting to life in London? Living in London is very exciting and I'm glad about the move, now that I'm settled. I love my job, and my new flat, and consider myself very lucky to be here. Life is fast paced in this busy city packed with people and full of variety. I'm also very lucky that my sergeant, Samantha Haley, has become a good friend.
2) What drives your determination in solving crimes?
My work is driven by a sense of justice. This isn't only a desire to protect potential future victims by seeing violent people locked up for their crimes. Just because people are dead, it doesn't mean they have no rights, and someone has to make sure justice is done on their behalf. It often takes a lot of hard work, but it's very satisfying.
3) Do you miss working with Ian? Have you spoken with him lately?
Sam Haley is a great colleague and I really appreciate my good fortune in having her as my sergeant but yes, I miss working with Ian. He's a true friend, and there are very few people I can say that about. Whatever happens, I know I can trust him. I hope Bev is good to him, because he deserves to be happy. As if happens, we spoke quite recently, and we still manage to meet up from time to time.

4) What has been your toughest case so far?
That's a very difficult question. It's always hard to see murder victims, and to meet the loved ones left behind to cope without them without any warning. But I suppose the toughest investigation for me, personally, is my search for my birth mother. The idea of finding her one day makes me very nervous. Since moving to London I've been putting off tackling this challenge as I'm not sure how

well I'd cope if she rejects me to my face. That may be one reason why I keep myself so busy working.
5) Do you read crime novels? If so, who are your favorites?
I don't read crime novels because I come across enough crime in my working life. My favourite books include The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton, The Great Gatsby by F Scott FitzGerald, and The Remains of The Day by Kazuo Ishiguru - all poignant stories of unrequited love.
6) Have you worked on finding out about your personal family history?
I did get as far as tracing an address for my birth mother here in London. It took a lot of courage to go there to see her. If you read about my murder investigations, you'll find out what has happened so far. It's an ongoing investigation.
7) How is your sister? ( you don't have to answer that one, if you don't want to- LOL)
My sister is fine, thank you. She is still struggling to come to terms with our mother's death, and tries to rely on me. Sadly I can't fill that gap in her life. Even if I wanted to, I'm kept too busy at work. I do what I can to spend time with my niece but once I'm involved on a case, my time is not my own.
8) What case are you working on now?
I'm currently investigating the brutal murder of a man who was discovered battered to death in his own garden shed. His wife was out at the time, and there are no obvious suspects, and no clear clues. It's very frustrating. As if that's not difficult enough, my sergeant Sam is recovering from an injury, so I'm working with a new sergeant.
9) Have you ever thought about taking a vacation?
While I was dating Craig we took a holiday in Dubrovnik, and I visited Ireland not long ago to catch up with family. Apart from that, I've been tied up with moving. Luckily I inherited some money, but it's still been expensive, moving to London. I'm saving up to visit the US, but can't afford it just yet. But I may take a trip to Europe this year - especially if I can find a congenial travelling companion.
10) Where do you see your career , in say... 3 years?
I have no plans to move or seek further promotion. I'd hate to spend my time stuck behind a desk shuffling papers and worrying about budgets and local strategy. I want to carry on with 'real' police work, viewing crime scenes, liaising with forensic officers and pathologists, questioning suspects and witnesses, and catching killers.
It has been an honor to be the first person you granted an interview to.

For more information on Geraldine Steel visit her fan page on Facebook!


  1. I loved this review of "Death Bed", which I read and enjoyed a while ago. In fact I have read all of Leigh's books and thoroughly enjoyed them all......in my eyes she can do no wrong. I feel that success in the USA is assured. Nice touch "interviewing" Geraldine and I'm surprised that nobody has followed that line before - well done!

  2. Thank you. I have to be circumspect, and am reticent about giving interviews as so much of my work is confidential!


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