A Thousand Steps

A Thousand Steps
A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Lynsey's Secret by Rosanna Rae was my kindle lending library book for the month of December.

This contemporary romance and family drama is about a young lady with more than few bombshell secrets. Of course she isn't the only one. It isn't her fault that she has to keep secrets from everyone, but it does paint her out to be a girl she really isn't.
Jack pretty much informs his work partner that they are hiring this young lady and James resents Jack's manipulation and forcefulness over the matter. James decides he doesn't like Lynsey and sets out to goad her into quitting.
Meanwhile, James begins to paint of picture of Lynsey as being a girl that causes trouble in relationships and has many boyfriends. Every time Lynsey tries to tell her boss that things are not as they appear, he ignores her and continues to think what he wants to. When he can't get her to quit, he tries a different tactic. The results of his actions will come back to haunt him for a long, long, long time.

I discovered this author when she contacted me and asked if I would review one of her books for her. I am so glad she got in touch with me!

This novel is cleverly set up so that the reader is aware that all the accusations James levels at Lynsey are not true. We also know that her co-worker, John, who is good friends with James and Jack, knows all about Lynsey. John's girlfriend also jumps to the wrong conclusion and it nearly breaks them up.
What the reader doesn't know is - What is Lynsey's secret? While you may guess at the true situation, the details come out slowly. When the big reveal happens it is handled in the wrong way and everyone's lives are disrupted and changed forever.

When your parents told you that two wrongs don't make a right...well, maybe we should take that advice. Instead, we try to cover up our mistakes and hide them. Sometimes we think that is the right thing to do because we know it will hurt someone else really bad. That is the case here, but the decision to keep something hidden causes much more pain in the long run for everyone.

Rosanna's novels seem to not only focus on romance, but also on the family dynamic. There is one main couple, but the whole family is involved and at stake through out the novel. I really like that about her novels.
Families are complicated under the best of circumstances, but throw some serious issues in that are very, very, sensitive, that could tear apart relationships forever and you've a page turner! I read this one practically in one sitting.

There were a few issues. Three of the men involved had names that started with a J. Occasionally, the author referred to James as Jim. I got a bit confused at first.
I also wondered why John sort of went MIA and Lynsey got left holding the bag. James was a bigger help than John through out that really bad period and although that was good, I wondered by John wasn't as involved more.

Other than that this was another enjoyable read by this author. If you are an Amazon Prime member, Rosanna's books are available to check out in the lending library. ( in the US)
Once you read one, you will probably want to read them all. This one gets an A!

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