A Thousand Steps

A Thousand Steps
A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

Saturday, December 7, 2013


Justice for All Time by Kit Cole is a 2013 publication. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Cassandra Becker ( Cassie) is an FBI agent in the year 2013. But, when she comes to in a cave, she is no longer in Washington, she is in California and she is no longer in 2013 either. Instead, she is in the 1800's.
After witnessing a horrible scene involving a Savage attack and a flaming stagecoach, Cassie save a deputy's life. Needless to say she causes a bit of an uproar as she is dressed in jeans and not too many women in the 1800's are sharp shooters. Here there is no FBI, no Quantico and women don't carry badges.

Cassie must adjust to her new life and try to find a way back to her own time. In such a small community, the men notice the cute brunette right off and Cassie finds she has several interested parties. One of which is a Captain and the other a Sherriff.

A curious white box and a bracelet hold clues to how Cassie can get back to her old life. But, someone is on to her secret and will do anything, even commit murder, to get their hands on the white box and bracelet.
There is also another time traveler in the mist but u1ually Cassie is the only one that can see him and he is not all that helpful, insisting she turn the bracelet over to him.

While Cassie works out how she is going to get home, she is courted, romanced, kidnapped and falls into a lot trouble.
But, more than anything she wants to go back to her life in 2013. Will she make it back to her own time? Will she be able to leave behind the one man that gotten closer to her than any other man?

This novel is really interesting time travel romance. There are some really sweet moments between Cassie and her two suitors and also really funny moments. Cassie's language and dress and abilities have the people who have gotten to know her thinking maybe Cassie has some kind of mental health problems on top of not being able to remember who she is.

This book is packed with science fiction elements, old fashioned romance, a murder mystery, and the author is nice enough to tie it all up in the end with the possibility that Cassie will be able to live a most interesting life and maybe we will be able to join her again someday for more adventures.
I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to time travel romance lovers, but also to those that like western settings, science fiction, as well as crime novels and mysteries.
Overall this one gets an A.

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