A Thousand Steps

A Thousand Steps
A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

Friday, January 18, 2013


Scorched is a romantic supsense novel by Laura Griffin, published  by Pocket books in Oct. 2012. The paperback version is 387 pages long.Kelsey Quinn is a forensic anthropologist working at the Delphi Center crime lab. While on a mission in the Phillipines, a body is discovered that raises a lot of questions. While looking for clues about the man's identity, Kelsey's ex-fiance,Blake, is murdered in front of her and she barely escapes with her life. Kelsey's ex-boyfriend Gage Brewer, a navy SEAL is suspect number one. But, Kelsey saw the whole thing and knows Gage is not responsible. Upon hearing of Kelsey's disapperance, Gage takes off to find her. The two of them find themselves on the run, with only each other to trust. They begin trying to find out who killed Blake and what connection his death has to the body found in the Phillipines. Gage and Kelsey undercover a huge terrorist threat that involves bioterrorism. The last person on earth Kelsy wanted to be alone with was Gage Brewer. She had spent the last eight months working overtime trying to get over him. Gage had broken off with Kelsey after she had given him the ultimatum of chosing the SEALS or her. Once they are thrown back together again the chemistry between them is still undeniable. Will they be able to work through their differences?This book has all the components a good romantic suspense novel should have. The plot was very well thought out and constructed. This is an edge of your seat thriller, with a perfect blend of romance .  The CSI team working with the SEALS mixed brains and brawn to make the story appealing to everyone. Watching Kelsey and Gage work together as a team and grow up emotionally along the way was also fun to watch. The secondary characters give us a hint of action and romance yet to come.Laura Griffin is now one of my favorite authors of this genre. SuperbI recommend this one for adults only. Language, violence, Strong sexual content/situations.Thanks to Edelweiss and the publisher for advancing me a copy of this book to review. I LOVED it!
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